New Jesus Wallpapers

New Jesus Wallpapers – 12 latest wallpapers of Jesus Christ are given here. They are the 32nd set of Jesus wallpapers in TBTG.

Click on each of the above thumbnails and you will see the full-sized Jesus wallpaper of about 1024×768 resolution which is ideal for any desktop wallpaper. Right click to save the wallpaper and you can check out the remaining ones by coming back to this page using your browser back buttons.

We must come with broken and contrite hearts before our Lord, and love on Him continually, at His feet. Bring your hearts and your offerings to His feet today, and lay them before Jesus, with love and adoration. When you do, you will suddenly realize that the heart of Jesus has become your heart. His love will overflow into your heart.

We are constantly trying to provide you with new and new Jesus wallpapers. So keep checking the wallpapers category in TBTG for more wallpapers of Jesus.

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