Jesus Resurrection Pictures

Jesus Resurrection Pictures, 16 pictures on the resurrection of Jesus are given right above. Click on any thumbnail to see the bigger image in its original size. In this Holy Week, we remember the mighty love of the father, which he proved by sacrificing His only son Jesus for our sins.

All men once born must die someday. That is the universal law. In spite of all the progress made by mankind, man is yet to successfully eradicate death. Death is an ill-fated consequence of sin. (“For the wages of sin is death. . .” – Romans6:23.) But Romans 6:23 also reads as follows,”. . .but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

It is in this context, Jesus resurrection becomes so vital to us. It was the wonderful opportunity that has been provided to obtain God’s free gift of eternal life and righteousness as a result of Jesus’ death on the cross followed by Jesus’ resurrection. Besides the physical death which has come upon us because of sin there is the greater distress of spiritual death (inability to fellowship with God and being under His condemnation and punishment for sin).

Jesus was killed brutally for our trespasses and resurrected for our justification (Romans 4:25). Jesus’ resurrection means that we are no longer under the dominion of death and more importantly the power of sin. We are now alive in God through what Jesus did.

Therefore, we can walk uprightly after accepting what Jesus has done for us. “Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness” (Romans 6:12-13).

Just imagine the case if Jesus resurrection was not happening at that time. There would have been chaos, and murder  to a great extent. Because as we know our Christian Faith is strongly based upon Jesus Death on the Cross and his resurrection on the third day. But for now, Jesus’ resurrection means that He is alive interceding on your behalf before God, the Father (Romans 8:34) .  Why not go to Him and make your request for a life free from the power of sin and death – a resurrected life.

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  1. I Love the Lord God with all my heart and soul. I am so greatful that he gave me the gift of salvation and eternal life dying for my sins on the cross. He is King of Kings and has all power in his hands.

  2. Some of the pictures you have labelled as the Resurrection are actually the Ascension (to heaven) One is the Pentecost where the Holy Spirit is descending on the Followers of Jesus hidden away and the tongues of fire ensued.

  3. Some oft he pictures in your Resurrection group are not of the Resurrection. Resurrection pictures #2,5 & 14 are of the Ascension, # 10 is of the Transfiguration where Jesus was with John, James and Peter where He met with Moses and Elias.

  4. “The Resurrection pictures #2, #5, #12 & #15 are not of the Resurrection. They are about the Ascension as described in Acts, Chapter 1 verses 6 through 12 (NAB).

    The Resurrection picture #10 is about the Transfiguration that is found in Matthew 17 verses 1 through 8; Luke 9 verses 28 through 36 (NAB).

  5. i have been in church for a long time but without knowing why i went to church, and when i graduated fro university i then left christianity, but somehow i was having that conscience, Jesus saved me in many fatal accidents and embarrasing moments however i took those blessings as luck, I have now discovered Jesus again and there is no turning back now, he is just too good and so honest and trustworthy, I love him so much and i now know that one day i will meet him face to face,

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