Video Song : Spirit of God, Rain Down

Holy Spirit Rain Down On Me

The most powerful devotional song in my life is Spirit of God, Rain Down song written by Nelson Jose Chundayil in 2003. Each time you hear this song, with your eyes closed, seeing yourself standing in the rain of HIS Holy Spirit, you get those blessed goosebumps all over your body. Do listen in… Lyrics … Read more

Video : Bunny New Girl

Please watch the above 5min video clip which is world famous for the simple message it delivers so easily and clearly. Seven year old Annabelle arrives for her first day at a new school wearing a home made rabbit mask but despite the gentle reassurance of kindly teacher, Mr Borbidge, her classmates are soon wondering … Read more

Video : Rise and Shine (The Arky Arky Song)

Lyrics: The Lord told NoahThere’s gonna be a floody, floodyThe Lord told NoahThere’s gonna be a floody, floodyGet those children out of the muddy, muddy, children of the Lord The Lord told Noah to build him an arky, arkyThe Lord told Noah to build him an arky, arkyBuild it out of gopher barky, barky, children … Read more

Madhuramozhi Parenting Tips

Back after a long gap without any new posts here on TBTG website, we are happy to present to you some cool new parenting tips in short video clip formats in Malayalam language. This is a new venture from the Angels’ Army team. These are excerpts from the talk show Madhuramozhi which discusses various topics … Read more

Sexuality And Chastity

Watch the 15min video shown above. The video is on sexuality and chastity in a Catholic’s life. Most people think that the Catholic Church hates human sexuality and bans the practice of it except for the necessity of having kids. Well, in fact most of us are just simply misinformed. We need to understand what Church … Read more