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September 28th, 2011

Poem : The Truth Without A Shadow Of Doubt

God of Creation

One God (Three Persons) – The Creator of all!
One Redeemer – God’s Word became man
By His Holy Spirit through Mary,
An immaculate Jewish maiden
Whose “Yes” to Gabriel ensured
Our Redemption.
One Church – The Catholic Church –
The Body of Christ
Established upon Peter as recorded in The Bible.
The victim of a constant campaign by the master
Of lies, Satan, and the ego of others who refuse
To accept The Truth from the lips of Jesus while
Rejecting His offer of Himself as the Food of Life.

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

September 3rd, 2011

How To Walk In The Holy Spirit

Walk in the holy spirit

“…do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God…” (Ephesians 4:30)

No one in his right mind will ever try to hurt a child. Rather we try comforting a disturbed child and we love seeing the child giving a toothless smile! Similarly no one who loves God will deliberately try to hurt His Spirit. However the Scripture exhorts us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean He is so touchy. No! The truth is, He is so strong and powerful.

Holy Spirit is the One who brooded over darkness and brought forth a beautifully recreated earth. He is the One who breathed on the valley of dry bones and raised up a mighty army. He is the One who came mightily upon the 120 in the upper room in Jerusalem and inaugurated the church era with a sweeping harvest of 3000 souls! He isn’t touchy!

But why does the Scripture asks us not to grieve the Holy Spirit? It is because He is gentle. He is not like the devil who comes into a place without being invited or breaks in without permission. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit comes when you invite Him to come in. He moves away when you resist Him. Yes, He is sovereign. But this is His nature. This is not His weakness. This is His uniqueness!

Holy Spirit is the One who takes us home when Christ comes a second time. He is the seal that God placed on us that we might escape the eternal fires of hell. He is given the charge of guiding us daily in all truth. He protects us from the devil and all his wicked schemes. However all these happen only if we allow Him! If we grieve Him, we are in fact tying His hands from helping us out.

How does someone grieve the Holy Spirit? It’s when one turns from following God’s Word and starts walking in selfish ways. It may be a seemingly simple thing like gossiping. Or it may be prayerlessness or neglecting fellowship with fellow believers. It may be hidden sins or outright rebellion. It may even be following Jesus with ungodly motives!

It is true that God is all-powerful. But He has given you a role in working with Him in order to fulfil His plans on this earth, in your life, and in eternity. And for that, He wants you to stay away from anything that grieves the Holy Spirit.

As you do so, you will begin to sense the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit on your life. His anointing will begin to flow on you and seemingly impossible things will suddenly become possible and doable. Even people who associate with you will sense it and be blessed by it.

Now is your time to walk in the Holy Spirit!

– – – written by Joe Abraham

July 31st, 2011

The Walk Of The Spirit, The Walk Of Power

The Walk Of The Spirit The Walk Of Power

The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power
Vital Role of Praying in Tongues

Download The Walk of The Spirit The Walk of Power PDF

I recommend this book by Dave Roberson if you are serious about wanting a closer or deeper relationship with God. The theology presented lines up with the Scriptures. This book explains the differences in praying in tongues for personal edification vs. the gift of tongues, etc. The gift of our prayer language is misunderstood. Most Christians do not realize the importance of utilizing what God has so freely given to those who ASK. Simply written, it is the truth of God’s Word unveiled for those who will believe God’s Word in spite of man’s teaching.

God conceived a wonderful plan for every one of us. In His plan, we were predestined to become His sons and daughters at the Cross. But one potential obstacle stands between us and God’s perfectly conceived purposes: Using the free will God has given us, we must choose to walk in the plan He has ordained for our lives.

God looks for a way to approach each of us in order to present His personal plan for our lives. He begins with the preaching of the Cross that encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If we accept Jesus, we take our first step into the plan God predestined for us before the foundations of the world. But if we reject Him, then like so many before us, we will live and die without ever taking that first step — salvation — into the divine purpose for our existence.


1 The Holy Spirit’s Work Within
2 My Personal Journey To Revelation Knowledge
3 Spiritual Gifts and Operations
4 Diversities of Tongues In God’s Government
5 The Four Basic Diversities of Tongues
6 Paul’s Source of Revelation
7 Praying Out the Mysteries Of God’s Plan
8 The Channel Through Which The Holy Spirit Speaks
9 The Edification Process
10 Purging and Mortification
11 Overcoming Impasses in Prayer
12 Purged To Stand in the Gap
13 Prayer and Fasting: The Two Power Twins
14 How To Effectively Pray in Tongues
15 The Divine Progression to Agape Love
Hindrances To Receiving The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Prayer of Salvation
Prayer To Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

So are you going to pray in tongues a little more than you used to? A lot more? If you are, then watch out, my friend, because you’re going to take your place in history! You’re going to find God’s compassion. You’re going to find His power. You’re going to find His plan.

The time is short, so don’t delay in your quest to unlock the greatest mysteries of all time — the mind of God for mankind, for your generation, and for your own personal life! Download the PDF given above and read this great book by Dave Roberson.

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