Life of Saint Alphonsa

Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Alphonsa.  Sister Alphonsa is popularly known as a person who loved and invited loving suffering. She is called the “Little Flower” (St. Therese of Child Jesus) of India. Both of these claims draw our attention to the fundamental reality and truth of Jesus Christ as the only Son … Read more

Novena Prayers To St. Rita of Cascia

Glorious St. Rita, O holy patroness of those in need, your intercession with our Lord is most powerful. Through the favors obtained by your prayers, you have been called the Advocate of the Hopeless and even of the Impossible. St. Rita, humble and pure; patient and compassionate lover of Christ Crucified! We have confidence that … Read more

St. Matthias The Apostle

Matthias was the apostle chosen by the remaining eleven apostles to replace Judas Iscariot following Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and suicide. His calling as an apostle is unique in that his appointment was not made personally by Jesus, who had already ascended to heaven, and, it was made before the descending of the Holy Spirit … Read more

St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (August 25, 1905 – October 5, 1938) Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, an apostle of Divine Mercy, belongs today to the group of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church. Through her the Lord Jesus communicates to the world the great message of God’s mercy and reveals the pattern of Christian … Read more

St. Ignatius Of Loyola And The Mule Of Providence

Ignatius of Loyola was riding on a mule. He was heading towards a port city in Spain in the hope of going to Jerusalem. On the way he met a Moor (A Moor is a Muslim from northern Africa). The Moor presented his arguments against the virginity of Mary after the birth of Christ. Ignatius, … Read more