Life Of Jesus In Pictures – Wallpaper Set 16

Life of Jesus Pic 01 Life of Jesus Pic 02 Life of Jesus Pic 03 Life of Jesus Pic 04

Life of Jesus Pic 05 Life of Jesus Pic 06 Life of Jesus Pic 07 Life of Jesus Pic 08

Life of Jesus Pic 09 Life of Jesus Pic 10 Life of Jesus Pic 11 Life of Jesus Pic 12

Life of Jesus Pic 13 Life of Jesus Pic 14 Life of Jesus Pic 15

Life of Jesus in Pictures - Taking a quick walk along the life of Jesus Christ through pictures alone will be very interesting.  See the 15 Jesus life pictures above which show some of the major events in Jesus’ life. Click on any of the above thumbnails to see the original picture.

We know that these set of images are not complete. If we go on to show it all, it will be so huge. So we picked some events from Jesus life and showed their pictures here.

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11 thoughts on “Life Of Jesus In Pictures – Wallpaper Set 16”

  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. Do you know where I could get a print of pic-11? It is one of the last supper pics. Thank you!

  2. May you be richly blessed for doing Gods work.Thank you for these beautiful and inspirational pictures.

  3. i know God that u have a reason why u let me experience this tragedy… God, i really need ur guidance.. take me away from sins,,… i really trust in you…

  4. Is this artwork available in printed form? Our little baptist church in the mtns of western nc is looking for art of his nature- or a mural

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