Pics of The Last Supper – Jesus and Disciples

The Last Supper 01 The Last Supper 02 Life of Jesus Pic 11 Jesus Christ and his disciples during The Last Supper

The Last Supper 03 The Last Supper 04 The Last Supper 05 The Last Supper 06

jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-01 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-02 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-03 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-04

jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-05 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-06 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-07 jesus-washes-feet-of-disciples-08

Today being Maundy Thursday – the day of the Last Supper – I am posting 16 pics of the last supper. Half of them shows Jesus and His disciples sitting at the table and the next 8 pictures show Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.

The tradition in those days was for the lowest person in the room to wash the feet of those who entered a room after a journey because sandals did not afford a complete covering for the feet. Jesus was demonstrating a form of admonishment to his disciples to show them their arrogance and how they should humble themselves from the high place with the willingness to at times take the low place. Some of the humility and humbleness that is spoken of in 2Chronicles 7:14.

I hope all of you know the names of all the disciples of Jesus – These are the names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon (who is called Peter) and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and his brother John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him.

Jesus was showing them that he also was a servent. And that he was humble. and by washing Judas feet that he had forgave Judas for what he had done. Jesus knew that it was God’s will for him to die.

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  1. I was looking for a picture of the Last Supper I could upload and print on a banner for an upcoming retreat and I’m not sure if I can or how to do that from your site. I was looking at life of juses 11 or maybe one of the other pictures. Can you help me?

  2. Hi Carol,

    Please go through all the pics of jesus in the pics category here on TBTG. I am sure you will like at least one or two. Click on its thumbnail to see the full image and right click on it and save the image to your computer.

    Then you can give it to those people who do the printing job.

    God Bless You and the upcoming retreat abundantly.

    Georgy N Joseph

  3. u ve given 12 names but i’m not sure wat is da name of the lady sittin left to lord Jesus.
    Please reply soon…

  4. Hi Paul,

    That is not a lady. Its John The Apostle. Count and see! There are the 12 apostles and no one else there with Jesus, in the last supper.

    God Bless You,
    Georgy N Jospeh

  5. praise d lord dear brother george,
    i am a new user of ur website “turn back to GOD”……..!its really very interesting n anxiety 2 see d pics of JESUS..!iam unable to go back from dis website.its really very helpful 2 my spiritual life.!thank u brother.!

  6. Dear Georgy
    I’m a new user of this website frankly speaking i really enjoy to have a glance through different pictures of Jesus and Mary.

  7. I love your website, you are God’s angel sent to us to let folks know that the word of God as well as His images are free for the taking but with that comes a willingness of the heart to share and spread His message of Love, Humility and Kindness and with that I’d like to make a donation, not much but what I can afford for now. Thank you for the great pictures and please tell me where I can send my small but heartfelt donation.


  8. What a good selection of photos.
    I have been asked to build a website and I would like to use one of the pictures of the last supper to put on a page for vocations so could you please advise if the picture on show are royalty free? or can I use one on our website.
    Kind regards

  9. We all know that judas iscariot is the cost of the problem, he went and sell jesus for just 30 peaces of silver how can a human being behave like that because of money you went to sell your master people always say the love of money is the root of all evil.

  10. My book New in Christ is in the final stage of being self published by Amazon’s Create Space. I am not satisfied with cover they have created. and have been looking for a disciple picture to include in the cover. I like #2 in you collection of 16 for Maunday Thursday. My passion is discipleship, the subject of New in Christ. I would like to see the book widely used. I have no idea as to the volume of sales. I would be glad to recover the $3000 I already have in it. I can’t figure out what the cost would be nor how to order. would you help me?

  11. Dear Georgy,
    Please can you tell me the name of the artist who painted the supper picture with judas holding the pieces of silver. Also, I would like to ask your permission to use this picture in my religious studies assignment. Many thanks.
    Your brother in Christ,

  12. Praise D Lord to all……
    I am d new one here…n d pics of jesus at d last day of supper r all so beautiful……
    but i too have some confusion… afer watching Da Vinci code movie…its made so confusion dt last supper day d person who sitted right side of Jesus iz Mary or John..???
    Please clear my doubts…..

  13. I would love to get a copy of the 11th pic of the life of Jesus. I put it on my computer & then on a flash drive, which I brought to the store to have printed. They refused to do so without permission from the source. Where did you find this picture. I want to get a good sized copy to put in my prayer room. Thank you for your help!

  14. i love your work and so do my friends they think your work is really amazing and beautiful well hope you are going to put more photos on soon i really love your work its amazing

  15. I think all the pictures and paintings of ‘The Last Supper’ are garbage!! Everyone one is white. What kind of God has only white people at it’s table. You all are fools if you believe this crap.

  16. Regina pls! Jesus was born in Jerusalem so naturaly all his friends were of a race of the ppl of jerusalem! If he was born in China he would hav a chinese mother and he wouldve been chinese as wel. And all his dicsiples wouldve been chinese. Please stop using ur flesh to think start using ur heart and spirit to think. Jesus brought spirituality so start viewing with the spirit not the flesh! I’m 4rm Africa by the way n u r racist Regina!
    Lovely pictures. G-d bless!

  17. How can anyone see these Pic’s. and claim they are worthy to be in the presence of a Satint let alone Jesus. I personally can not get humble enough.

    Regina, If you will spend time in your Bible it will prove you are so wrong. There has been many set out to disprove the Bible just to find out it can not be done. They have become believers. May your Lord forgive you!


  19. That is Cesare Borgias not Jesus Christ.That woman is his sister.He appears in the picture more than once. The older man is his father Pope Alexander.According to the bible Christ was a very dark skin man ( Revelation 1:13-15.) During the fourteen hundreds artists like Leonardo Da Vinci got paid a lot of money to paint this false picture of Christ and his disciples.The bible state that they were in a large room why are they all scrunch up on top of one another like that.Stop the lies!

  20. I would like to use one of your photos for my logo to my book publishing company will this be ok?

  21. I have a last supper picture that has been in the family for over 100 years. I have never been able to find any information about this picture. I also have a wonderful story how this picture came into the family. Please tell me if and how I can upload this picture and ask for help to learn anything more about it.

  22. I plead to differ from the christian concept of washing of the feet. Yes jesus did teach humility. Serving others is the core Christian value rest is frills and cosmetics. In the last supper, traditionally the senior most disciple is attended first, the rest according to their position. Judas Iscariot was Jesus steward and treasurer hence the first. The list of the disciples in the gospels is wrong.after Jesus had washed the feet of several disciples,he came to Simon Peter. Peter did not allow jesus to wash his feet. Jesus bluntly told Peter that if he was an enemy if he did not allow him to wash his feet. A horrified Peter instantly demanded for a full body wash. Jesus stunned Peter by telling him that those who were clean did not need a body wash. This was not an issue for expressing humility, it was more serious. In the preceding moments Jesus would call Peter “satan” and literally tell him to get out of his sight. Satan also implies a “betrayer”. Please can you point out if I am wrong. Thank you.

  23. The event of the last supper needs additional information. All the disciples were invited by the master-Jesus to sit according to their seniority, because the Passover festival was the most sacred Jewish occasion and rituals(including sitting at the table) had to be followed very strictly. This was not a family function but a sacred ritual for a select group of people- the disciples. Judas I scarily was invited by Jesus to sit on his right hand or “the chair of honour” it was meant for the disciple whom Jesus loved the most. It was given to judas by Jesus. Jesus also fed judas the first serving of the meal(the sup) to show his love for judas I scarily. But why? Because for three years of Jesus mission judas was the backbone. He was responsible for feeding, lodging not only the 11 disciples but also a large group of men women and children, besides giving money to widows, orphans and the poor. Most of the money came from public donations and must have included gold, silver and currency. The biggest donor was Mary Magdalene, judas kept his accounts perfectly. Every night it was verified by Jesus. If judas was a thief, Jesus would have fired him instantly and may have even thrashed him. Judas had worked silently. At the last supper Jesus did an unusual thing. He sent him on a urgent mission, this breaking the code of the Passover meal. He told judas to do something quickly. This urgency is unique. Most Christians and all Catholics believe, he told judas to go and betray him. That is nonsense. Judas had a lot of money and gold meant for the poor. He wanted it to be disbursed to reliable people for safekeeping and future use(when judas was gone). Being a Passover festival, the situation was helpful, because Jesus enemies would be celebrating the Passover indoors and judas would be free to do his work before the function ended. Sadly after he finished his work, while returning he got caught. He was taken to Gethesmane where he called Jesus “master” and kissed him. Judas threw the bribe money offered into the temple and desecrated it. He got a deserving punishment. He was instantly impaled and his bowels came out. He did not beg for mercy or tried to escape. He died several hours before Jesus was crucified. Only Judas Iscariot could sit on Jesus right hand. John had no business to sit on Jesus right
    hand because he was a junior member and the woman in Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper is a big joke on Christians. Please disprove me.

  24. on my picture of the last supper there are 15 names of people at the supper but only 13 people at the supper. the names are at the bottom of the cloth 7 names on each side and jesus in the middle

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