Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images – Pic set 11

Jesus Christ Pics 1101 Jesus Christ Pics 1102 Jesus Christ Pics 1103 Jesus Christ Pics 1104

Jesus Christ Pics 1105 Jesus Christ Pics 1106 Jesus Christ Pics 1107 Jesus Christ Pics 1108

Jesus Christ Pics 1109 Jesus Christ Pics 1110 Jesus Christ Pics 1111 Jesus Christ Pics 1112

Jesus Christ Pics 1113 Jesus Christ Pics 1114 Jesus Christ Pics 1115 Jesus Christ Pics 1120

Jesus Christ Pics 1117 Jesus Christ Pics 1118 Jesus Christ Pics 1119

Here are some more pictures of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Click on any of the above 20 thumbnails for the original pic. More and more images of Jesus will be uploaded shortly. So keep visiting…

I particularly like the second last image given above, where we see Jesus talking to a boy on a bench in a park. Its lovely, isn’t it? Our Lord is a lord of love and mercy and is very kind to us and always helpful. He wont leave us disappointed at any point in our life. Just click on any image given above to see it in its full dimensions and to copy it to your computer, so as to use it as your desktop wallpaper.

More Jesus Christ Pics Here:-


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  1. Dear sir,

    pls send me stories of jesus and the picturs of jesus i will be greatful i will get this from you,

    pls send me if it is possible.

    Thanking You,
    Meena J. Darla
    Pray for us.

  2. Dear Georgy,
    Could you please send me some prayers, stories and pictures of jesus,
    I am a regular viewer of this site and I really enjoy music, stories and prayers, it really touches me.

    Thank you.

  3. hello,

    im very thanful to this site and specially to God coz i found this, very helpful to me in terms of catechism images of Jesus thanks a lot. pls send me also life/stories of saints.

    more power and God bless!


  4. I am a very religious Christian person. I am always mystified at these pictures of Jesus where he is portrayed as a white person. You do know where he was from? Of course no one knows what he really looked like, but he was not white.

  5. hi ,,,who invent this wonderfull website,who is updating????i want to pray for him, so that lord jesus give more n more wisdom to him to carry out this work of god.may god show u some visions so that other people come to know that u r annoited one,,,

  6. praise the lord,,
    can u tell me any online songs website,,,whrer i can listen some jesus’s worship songs,,,,i’ve internet facility in my office so i seeking any online songs website so that i can listen worship songs,,,,,,,,

  7. Hi sonia,

    Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment. I surely need your prayers to carry on this work as long as I can.

    You can listen to all the 400+ songs in this site…goto the songs category… or heres the link…

    You have the option to play a song directly from this site or download to your computer and hear.

    Really happy to know that some people are very much benefited from my website. If you got any good articles worth sharing here, please let me know.GOD BLESS YOU.

    Georgy N Joseph

  8. Hi there im am from South African and i just want to know if i me use these pics because i design funeral programs and if its possible i need more pics for the front page of the funeral programs thank you and it is a awesome site, may God bless you all

  9. Hello Sir
    May God bless you , The service you are doing for the People of God is unique
    keep it up and send me wallpapers of our Lord jesus
    Asher Joseph
    Lahore cantt Pakistan

  10. Hello Gregory Sir,
    Myself is also a Servant of god just like you
    Can u please send me some devotional songs, pictures of Christ etc…
    Doing a good job dear,
    may the lord give you much more in return & the ability to serve him more

  11. Everytime i see this picture…i said to myself how really luck i am. that he loved me so much for he died to save from the wrath of GOD and free from sin…and live in him forever…
    this pictures reminds me that HE LOVED us so much that HE gave HIS LIFE us to live with HIM forever…

  12. Hello sir
    may god bless u.. keep up the good work ur doing.. can u send me
    stories of jesus and the picturs of jesus i will be greatful if u send me:)

  13. hi! georgy can u send me free video films & pics of jesus christ if u can so please send me.
    i’m impreesed by u r site it is such a awesome site for jesus lovers.
    god bless u for this wonderful work.
    thanks for this

  14. These are great wallpapers – I’m glad that there are people in this world who are trying to do something good for a change instead of destroying the beauty that was created for us to enjoy. Thanks!

  15. Hi Georgy,

    Lovely wallpapers. I love the poems too. I definitely love the songs too. Is there a possibility of getting the songs? I like songs by Chris Tomlin. I’ve been collecting gospel songs lately for my listening pleasure at night before I sleep. Gives me peace.

    God bless you. Thank you.

  16. Hi Darja,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks a lot. We are happy to serve God and all of you. We cannot give the songs for download as its against the copyright laws. Very Sorry about that.

    God Bless,
    Georgy N Joseph

  17. hi georgy,

    my daughter will be baptized this month. in this regard i would like to make a card/ baptismal card for my daughter. the problem is im having a hard time to look for an image of jesus christ were i can use as a background for the said card. can you help me? please send me a pics of jesus that i can use to make such card.


  18. Hi George,

    Greetings in the name of the Lord for the lovely day.! I visited this website twice/ thrice & I liked it. Pls can u do a favor by sending few snap of Jesus to frame for my new house.?

    Thanks & Regards,

  19. Greeting’s in the blood name of Jesus!
    I am new to your website as well as the computer. Wanted to tell you how much I love your website and all you’re doing,keep up the great work and “go forth” to spread the good news the Messiah is coming! Love all the pictures,music,and information that your site provides! I am currently enrolled in bible courses to ready me for the mission fields & more knowledge to win the lost at any cost!
    I have received many wonderful miracles & healings from our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.
    Perhaps you could start a testamonial page for
    this website. I am here to help, whatever you
    may need,please tell me and I will take it before the”throne of grace”. Looking forward to your reply! God’s blessings upon you daily.
    Your’s taking Jesus to the world,

  20. Hi Justine,

    Thanks a lot my friend. Very happy to hear from you. We will try our best to maintain this website daily updated with new and new christian articles. Ya, we had got this request for testimonial page many time in the past. Dont worry, we will be starting one soon with HIS grace!

    God Bless You,

  21. Hi Georgy.
    I can not see the real size of the image of God, Please Help Sorry, my guide, thank you in advance and May God paid for you multiplied.
    Peter Thanh Vu

  22. Nice post which It is particularly like the second last image given above, where we see Jesus talking to a boy on a bench in a park. Its lovely, Our Lord is a lord of love and mercy and is very kind to us and always helpful. Thanks a lot for posting.

  23. Hello,

    I understand that there is a Book Holy Spirit Hover Over Me can performed special miracles and will answers each request. While we read the book, the Holy Spirit will perform powerful ministry through us. The problems which are impossible for us to solve will be solved, and we will blessed abundantly by the Holy Spirit’s power. If we have no money to pay the bills, banks and medical bills, the Holy Spirit can help us. The holy Spirit also can completely heal any illness such as cancerous, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, Ezcema, high cholesterol, fats, anxiety, panic attack, gastric, tension headache, joint painful. Before our diploma exams result will be out, we can ask the Holy Spirit for help to pass our exams. We can ask anything from the Holy Spirit will surely grant us. Can we ask Angels to bring money to us.

  24. Dear Sir,
    I actually want the pics of Jesus from His birth, life death and resurrection. If you can , lease send them to me in zip file.
    Thank you

  25. I have to agree with Georgy that Jesus Christ was a Jew, born in the Mediterreanean climate. Even Today,as in his day, Jews are a “mixed” people, racially speaking. Being a direct descendant of Adam, and Adam was created from “the dust of the Earth”, there is no way possible that Jesus could have been Caucasian. This is a North American-Modern Day concept, adopted over 400 years ago.
    No dust or Earth, or mud that I have ever handled,(except white sand), has a white color or hue as it were. Not trying to start a debate here, but stating plain fact.

  26. Hi Greg,

    Pick 1110 of Jesus looking over the land….can you tell me if this pic can be purchased? I would like to frame it and hang it in my living room. Thanks!

    thats my email.
    Hi, wondered if you could help please, just built chapel onto our house, not finished yet, doing finishing touches inside etc.
    would like some large pics of jesus, mary etc so i can take pics and varnish them into the wooden floor, have to be high gloss finish so can take pic from paper then into floor, looks beautifull when done, need to cover floor completely. Can you help in anyway, all will be gratefully recieved, kind regards in christ name.

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