Jesus Christ Angry 0607 Jesus Christ Beaten 0611 Jesus Christ Crowned 0609 Jesus Christ Doorstep 0606

Jesus Christ Films 0608 Jesus Christ Miracle 0604 Jesus Christ Risen 0603 Jesus Christ Serene 0610

Jesus Christ Shepherd 0601 Jesus Christ Sky 0612 Jesus Christ Statue 0602

I love my Lord Jesus Christ and it gives me great joy to see more and more pictures of my beloved savor. He is the one who gave his life for me and my sins, on the cross at Calvary. So I am not at all ashamed in admitting my love for Him.

See the 11 pictures of Jesus given here. To see the full image, you have to click on the respective thumbnail image as then you will be redirected to the full size image. You can click the back button and come back here and choose to see another image of Our Christ. We will be adding more and more picture sets of our loving Jesus Christ.

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