Jesus Pictures – Set 25

Jesus Pictures – Picture Set 25 is ready now in TBTG. Take a look at the 16 pictures of Jesus given right above. Click on any thumbnail image to see the full size one.

Although this is the 25th set of Jesus Pictures here on TBTG, I very well know that there are still a lot of Jesus pictures yet to be seen on web. We will try our best to bring them to your end as soon as possible. Many pictures we put in this post are not wallpaper-sized that’s why we just gave the name Jesus Pictures to this article – omitting the word ‘Wallpapers‘ from this article title.

Each picture of Jesus has some specialty, I think. Each and every one of them on the Internet, each picture is special in one way or the other. Maybe because those pics are trying to replicate the impossible thing – A real image of the Lord Jesus himself. Anyway enjoy these pictures of Jesus. God bless you all.

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  1. jesus the ly redimer of ths sinfull world…he plays an important role as a mediator btw HUMEN an jahova(ALMIGHTY HIS FATHER… through him ly v can reach the life of everlasting…even v die v live in ths world with jesus in his 1000yr kingdom.AMENNNNNNNNNNN.

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