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August 25th, 2013

Questions From Jesus Christ

Questions From Jesus Christ

Lets take a look at some of the important questions asked by our Lord Jesus Christ. These are the questions that HE wants answers to.

1. How many loaves do you have? (Matthew 15:34)

Loaf or bread represents my Word. You cannot survive with the earthly bread alone, you need ME, the bread that came down to give you eternal life. I am the Word made flesh. MY WORD is eternal. Strive therefore to LEARN MY WORD. How many scriptures do you know by-heart? Can you call to mind and recite at least a couple of them in a crisis? Do you practice living by MY WORD? Just as you satisfy your hunger better by having more loaves, the more the number of scriptures in your heart, the better your life.

2. Who do people say the Son of Man is? (Matthew 16:13)

At Baptism you were given a responsibility and that was to bear witness to me. If today your friends and those close to you don’t experience my love through you, there is something seriously wrong with you and your life. What you show them is what they think I am. Your life as a Christian is so very ordinary that people around you don’t see the need for change. Sometimes the kind of witness you bear, gives them the feeling that they are better off being what they are. Isn’t it time your life became a testimony?

3. But who do you say that I am? (Matthew 16:15)

Am I a doctor who cures you, or a policeman who ensures law and order in your life, or a Judge who grants you justice? Am I a miracle man who works miracles? Seriously what is your answer? Who am I to you and what is the place that you have given me in your life? If you have grown in your relationship with me, you will declare what my disciple Thomas once declared – My Lord and My God.

4. Woman where are they, has no one condemned you? (John 8:10)

After all your sins and the damage that you have done to your chance of spending eternity with me, in my infinite mercy I am giving you another opportunity to start life afresh. I forgive you and urge you to set things right because I may not give you another chance.

5. Do you want to be well? (John 5:6)

You are physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually ill. While a doctor may be able to heal you physically and a counselor or psychologist may heal you emotionally or intellectually, only my Word can heal you completely. Yes only my Word can heal you physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Establish a relationship with me and witness the change in your life.

6. Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God? (Luke 17:18)

When I work a miracle for non-Christians they respond by thanking me and dedicating their life to me. As a Catholic how have you responded to the many graces and blessings that I have showered on you? I am pained to see you living a life of ingratitude and recklessness.

7. If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest (Luke 12:26)

If you have no control over as small a thing as the hair on your head, why worry about your business, career, finances and relationships? Entrust them to me because I made them for you. Remember they were made for you. You are not made for them. Work for the spread of my Gospel and the glory of my Kingdom and watch how everything else in your life falls in line one by one. When you start working for me, I will start working over your business, career, finances and relationships.

8. So, could you not watch with me one hour? (Matthew 26:40)

Until and unless you knowingly and willingly spend at least an hour in prayer with me how can you expect our relationship to grow stronger and better. I am not referring to your family prayers but to your personal prayer.

9. Do you believe I can do this? (Matthew 9:28)

When you pray to me, do you believe in your heart of hearts that I am in control of your life and that I do everything for your good? Do you believe that you will receive that which you are praying for? What will be the status of your faith if I choose to give you an answer (to your prayer) that is different from what you anticipate. Will you still have faith in me and put your trust in me.

10. What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life and what can one give in exchange for his life ? (Matthew 16:26)

You are a soul that has been granted a body for a specific mission. Know that your Soul is very precious and that it has been designed for eternity. I give you the option to choose where you want to spend eternity. Aim for heaven so that even if you are not able to make it, you will have a chance of entering it someday through what ever purification you undergo in purgatory. Do not aim for purgatory, because if you miss purgatory, then the place that you would go to is hell.

– – – written by Laajan Miranda

June 23rd, 2013

How Often You Visit Jesus?

How often you visit Jesus

Jesus is in our tabernacles, and this fact we call the Real Presence. The same Jesus who was sheltered by Mary Immaculate within her virginal body, is in the little body of white Host. The same Jesus Who was whipped, crowned with thorns, and crucified as a Victim for the sins of the world, remains in the ciborium in the Host as a Victim Sacrificed for our salvation.

The same Jesus who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, where He now is gloriously reigning at the right hand of the Father, resides on our altars, surrounded by a multitude of countless adoring Angels – a sight that Blessed Angela of Foligno beheld in a vision.

Thus Jesus is truly with us. “Jesus is there”. The holy Cure of Ars could not finish repeating these three words without shedding tears. And St. Peter Julian Eymard exclaimed with joyful fervor, “There is Jesus”. Therefore all of us should go visit Him. And when St. Teresa of Jesus heard someone say, “If only I had lived at the time of Jesus… if only I had seen Jesus… If only I had talked with Jesus…” she responded in her spirited way, “But do we not have in the Eucharist the living true and real Jesus present before us? Why look for more?”

How saints kept visiting Jesus

The Saints certainly did not seek for more. They knew where Jesus was, and they desired no more that the privilege of keeping inseparable company with Him, both in their affections, and by bodily presence. Being ever with our beloved – is this not one of the primarily thing true love calls for? Indeed it is and therefore we know that visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Eucharistic Benediction were the secret yet evident loves of the Saints.

The time of paying a visit to Jesus is wholly the time of love – a love we will resume practicing in Paradise, since love alone “does not come to an end” (I Cor. 13:8). St. Catherine of Genoa made no blunder in saying, “The time I have spent before the tabernacle is the best spent time of my life.”

St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, apostle of the Immaculate Virgin, used to make an average of ten visits a day to the Blessed Sacrament – a practice he began as a young student. During the school year, during the intervals between classes, he would hasten to the chapel so that in the mornings he managed to make five visits to Jesus. During the rest of the day he made five more visits. Among these, one was what he considered always a compulsory stop during the afternoon walk. It was in a church (in Rome) where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed.

Also, St. Robert Bellarmine during his youth, when on his way to and from school, used to pass a Church four times. Thus, four times a day he would stop and pay a visit to Jesus.

How often does it happen that we pass by a Church? Are we perhaps rather thoughtless and callous? The saints hoped they would meet a church along the road they were taking; whereas, we are quite indifferent, even if we find churches before us. Ven. J.J Olier wrote; “When there are two routes to get me to a certain place, I take the one on which I meet more churches, in order to be nearer the Blessed Sacrament. When I see a place my Jesus is, I am so happy, and I say, ‘You are here, My God and my All.”

St. Alphonsus Rodrigues was a door keeper. His duties often took him by the chapel door; and then he would never fail to at least look in to give our Lord a loving glance. When he left the house and when he returned, he always visited Jesus to ask His blessing.

The angelic youth, St. Stanislaus Kostka took advantage of every free moment to hurry off to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. When he simply could not make it, he would turn to his Guardian Angel and tell him quietly, “My dear Angel, go there for me?” And what a truly angelic assignment! Our guardian Angel would be quite glad to comply. In fact, we could not ask him to do us a nobler and more agreeable favour.

St. Augustine has left us an account about his mother, St. Monica, which tells how, every day, besides attending Mass, she went twice to visit Our Lord once in the morning and once in the evening. Another holy mother of seven children used to do the same, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. And St. Wenceslaus, King of Bohemia, used to make frequent trips, day and night, even in the rigors of winter, to visit the Blessed Sacrament in churches.

Perhaps these examples astonish us and might seem to us exceptional, even among saints. But that is not the case. Visits to the blessed Sacrament are acts of faith and love. Whoever has the greater faith and love, feels more strongly the need of being with Jesus. And what did the saints live by if not by faith and love?

One day a resourceful catechist said to his young pupils, “If an angel were to come to you from heaven and tell you, Jesus in person is in such and such a house and waiting for you, would you not at once leave everything in order to hasten to Him? You would interrupt any amusement or anything that occupied you; you would count yourself fortunate to be able to make a little sacrifice in order to go and be with Jesus. Now be sure and do not forget, that Jesus is in the tabernacle, and He is always waiting for you, because He wants to have you near and desires to greatly enrich you with His graces.”

Let us learn from the saints to love our visits to Jesus in the Eucharist. Let us make these visits. Let us linger with Him, talking with Him affectionately about what is in our heart. He will fondly look upon us and draw us to His heart. ‘When we speak to Jesus with simplicity and with all our heart’ said the holy Cure of Ars, “He does like a mother who holds her child’s head with her hands and covers it with kisses, and caresses.”

– – – written by Fr. Stefano Manelli

December 9th, 2012

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus Christ

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus Christ

Receive the Holy Spirit and you will have the full treasure of life.

Like all living things in the world, we too have a source of life, and the Holy Bible says that our source is in Jesus Christ (1st John 5:11). In the Divine creation the spirit of God was given to us. (1 John, 4:13). The Gospel of John 6:63 says as what gives life is God’s spirit. Jesus said in John 10:10 that ‘I came that they may have life, and have it in abundance. ‘In God’s well designed plan of creation there is a secret and that is Christ in us ‘. (Colossians: 1-27).

Christ is the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, and He is unchangeable. In 1st Corinthians: 6-19; Jesus says that ‘You are the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwells in you’. Unless the believers of God are filled with the Holy Spirit, by faith they cannot take their journey to their source of life, who is Christ.

Holy Spirit dwelling in us

The unifying factor of oneness and unity in the Divine creation should be imposed into the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. This comes not out our effort, but by the grace given to us, ‘You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) It is only in the fullness of the Holy Spirit that Jesus started His Galilean ministry.

The spirit of the God is upon me, because He has anointed me to bring Good news to the poor. (Luke 4:18). He also promised the Holy Spirit upon us. ‘If you love me, you will keep my commandments, and I will ask the Father, and He will give you another advocate to be with you forever. This is the spirit of Truth which the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. You know Him because He abides in you and He will be with you.

We are guided under the influence of the indwelling spirit in us. With Simon Peter’s declaration of faith in Caesarea Philippi Jesus as messiah shows that ‘Faith’ is the free gift of God. Through faith we become the sons and daughters of God by the grace given to us. The important thing in Christian life is good deeds and good conduct. The fruits of the Holy Spirit teach these in Galatians 5: 22-26. There is only one commandment of God that is the commandment of Love. To bear one another’s burden and responsibilities is the fulfilment of the law of Christ. (Ephesians 6:2)

Once a lawyer asked Jesus, “To inherit eternal life, what should I do?” Jesus narrated the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and told him to do like manner. We understand from this that the Christian humility should be shown by loving our enemies. All other virtues are born of humility and charity. To build up Christian humility is to fix our eyes on Christ crucified, and we will be drawn all the way into the bosom of the Holy Trinity.

Through meditation and prayer which is gratuitous, and practicing this spiritual exercise through contemplation really enlightens our heart and soul, and we are elevated to know Him, and who knows us through and through. Here we are raised to love and to be loved with the new energy of the spirit that prays within us. Here we begin to witness our own transformation. Now we are in fond of living water to drink freely from the healing source of the Saviour. Only the Holy Spirit can quench the thirst and bring peace and joy to the soul and mind.

The Kingdom of God

To be in the Kingdom and Christ centred prayers over the scriptures, Jesus says in Luke: 17.27 that the ‘Kingdom of God is within you’. To be constantly in the kingdom of God which is within and among us, and to journey towards our source, is the profitable way. Christ centred prayers and scripture reading take us to the love of God and love for humanity. We must see divinity everywhere and in everything. Mother Teresa in one of her talks said ‘If you are not able to see Christ in the first person you meet, you are never going to see Him. Two couples from Germany visited our parish during a retreat, and they came to each one of us and said ‘I love you, because I see Jesus in you ‘.

When we are intensive towards the journey of our source, we might be distracted with the everyday need of us. When we believe in God and seek first His kingdom and righteousness everything else will be added in our providence by God. The kingdom of God is understood by the parables which Jesus taught us. The significance and the Godliness of the word of God is in the parable of the sower. The word was God – John 1:1. ‘The merchant in search of pearls’, Net thrown into the sea to catch fish. Mt:13-45-47, Lamp lit on a lamp stand, and Salt, which is very important for food all these teach about the kingdom of God. To keep a permanent touch with God, it is necessary to know more and more of God. It is beyond your intellect and is possible only with the grace of God.

John 16:14 says that the Holy spirit will glorify Jesus, because the Holy spirit will take what is His and declare that to us. All that the Father has is His, and for this reason Jesus said, ‘That He will take what is mine and declare that to you. John 16:-13 says that when the spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth, for He will not speak on His own, but will speak whatever He hears. In this journey, get detached from all worldly things and with your spiritual power reach the destination that is life. ‘What is life to me? ‘It is Christ’. Phillip: 2:-14.

‘Risen Christ’ is my faith. With this fervent faith in me, let me live a life of hope, for Jesus Christ, the head of the mystical body is in heaven in His glory. The head reached heaven in glory. ‘I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long.’ (Psalm 23:-6) This voyage reaches the destination, when I witness myself as it is not I who live, but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2: 20)

– – – written by Mary Gilbert Ephraims

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