Jesus Christ Pictures – Image Set 26

Jesus Christ Pictures Image set 26 is released on TBTG now. Take a look at the 20 pictures of Jesus Christ given right above. Click on any thumbnail to see the image in its original large dimensions.

Images of Christ are in abundance all over the net, it never seems to stop. Everyday new images and pictures of Christ pops up and we just stay amazed at his different wallpapers and posters getting created day by day, second by second, all over the world. I love these pictures, as they are certainly better than any celebrity wallpaper for my desktop. Moreover, Jesus Christ is the best celebrity ever because Jesus saves.

More Jesus Christ Pictures Here:-


14 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Pictures – Image Set 26”

  1. Hi Priyanka,

    I see that you are in Lucknow. Did you check with the nearest DVD shop? I am sure they will have many Christian movie titles with them in DVDs.


  2. Hi Vivianne,

    No need to make the pics small – Set them as your desktop wallpaper and choose ‘fit to desktop’ – That will do the trick.

    God Bless You

  3. Georgy,
    I want to buy DVD’s on the web site the problems is I lve in Africa Angola-Cabinda. How can I have them to rich here????


  4. Hi Graciano,

    I think you can buy DVDs from big shopping sites like Ebay or Amazon. They have a global reach so you will get your DVDs even though it takes some time to reach you.

    God Bless You

  5. The first time, I see the picture Jesus, like I meet Him, near and talk with me. God Bless You. Nice to meet you

  6. I was looking for somethings for the learners at school and happened on this website. Wonderful material. Thanks.

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