Jesus Christ Pictures – Image Set 30

Jesus Christ pictures – 30th set of images is here in TBTG. We are continuing the Ashraf Fekry series of Jesus images which we started in the 29th set. Click on a thumbnail above to see the original picture and right-click on that image to save them to your computer.

This set includes images of Jesus standing over our cities, buildings etc. My personal favorite is the first one where sunlight, Jesus face, his grace all are combined into a single picture. The image of Christ is the same in some, but the background differs. We have more pics of Jesus created by Ashraf Fekry and we will post them in the next set of Jesus pictures.

Our sins sent God’s own Son to the cross, though in his case the act was of his own choosing in order to make our adoption possible. As a result, we are welcomed into his family—now and forever.

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  1. I live my life to u Jesus cause only u as Saviour can Change my behavior . Please Daddy help me to liveave inside of U .. Change me ,Pure me , clean me , make me came back to U… Love me

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