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Above given are 8 wallpapers showing Jesus on the Cross.

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We all know that Jesus died on the cross for us. Yes, He was fulfilling His Father’s wish. But we must understand that He had the power to avoid his painful crucifixion. He is all powerful. He could have changed his mind at the last moment.

I had thought a lot on this, many times. I was thinking:-  when the torture became unbearable, when the pain reached its summit, He should have just risen up into the sky and told once more, “‘Be calm, and know that I am God.”.

But NO! He didn’t do it. He had to complete the mission entrusted to Him by the Father.

Jesus’ death is a ransom, paid to our kidnappers (the powers of destruction); it is a punishment that we deserve, voluntarily borne by another, who is innocent; it is even a triumphant nailing up of a canceled invoice.

“The blood of Christ is the price. How much is it worth? What but the whole world? What but all nations?”

In all this, two things must be kept in mind: that the crucifixion is inseparable from the resurrection, and that the sacrifice of Jesus once and for all is brought to bear on us in the celebration of the Christian Eucharist.

By whatever image they are described, Jesus’s death and resurrection reverse the fall, blot out sin, destroy death, make all things new, deliver mankind from slavery, reconcile us with God, make us his adopted children, let us participate in the very life of God the Holy Trinity, allow for our repeated forgiveness, and open heaven to us.

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