Jesus Christ Wallpaper set 07 – Baby Jesus Pics

Baby Jesus in church Baby Jesus 0102 Baby Jesus 0103 Baby Jesus 0104

Baby Jesus 0105 Baby Jesus 0106 Baby Jesus helping St.Joseph Baby Jesus 0108

Baby Jesus 0109 Baby Jesus 0110 Baby Jesus 0111 Baby Jesus and Saint John the Baptist

Baby Jesus 0112 Baby Jesus 0113

It’s very nice to see our Lord Jesus Christ as a baby. Take a look at the 14 pics given above, showing Baby Jesus. His mother Virgin Mary can also be seen with Him in most of them. Click on the thumbnails for the original sized pic.

Our Lord was born on a manger. He chose such a humble birth, on this planet Earth. He had only shepherds and cows beside his parents to amuse his baby eyes when Jesus was born in the manger. On each Christmas eve, just remember the humble birth of our Almighty GOD Jesus Christ as the cute baby you see in the pictures given above.

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20 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Wallpaper set 07 – Baby Jesus Pics”

  1. Just wanted to say lovely pictures. You didn’t ask, but thought I would tell you my favorites anyway.

    All the top row and the first picture in the 3rd row, these are my favorites, but I like them all.

  2. Can you please tell me who the artist is for the last picture on the third row is? I want to get a copy of this print. The one with baby Jesus and Joseph hammering nails and there is a shadow of a cross by Jesus. I’d like to get a copy of this print. thank you! Julie Howard, Yukon, Oklahoma

  3. Hi julie howard,

    Very happy to hear that you like these pics…

    I got these from a friend of mine and he doesn’t know who the artist is…I am really sorry.

    Yes, those pictures are really good ones…I just love them.

    Georgy N Joseph

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to have your permission to use a couple on my blog. I would link them back to you.

    God Bless,

  5. Hi Andrea,

    You are free to use any pictures here in this website. Please download the pics and upload to your blog, rather than hotlinking to these pictures itself. And a link to this web page as the source field is highly appreciated. God Bless You.

    Georgy N Joseph

  6. First of all I want to say may God bless you. To gather these pics and to take the time to post them on here for all of us to enjoy says alot about the person you are. Thank you for the blessing of being able to see these.

  7. hi,
    Im new to this site but i must say this is a wonderful site
    and i would like to share something which i have experienced in my life
    whenever i have helped others without thinking of myself i have been helped and blessed by mother Mary may she guide ull all for a wonderful life ahead

    thanks Greg for this wonderful work

  8. Hi,
    These pictures are really beautiful and marvellous and I really appreciate the efforts of each artist behind this pictures.I am new to this site but I am impressed by your work and thanks for sharing this pictures.God bless you.

    Sreyas George

  9. i am working in the church for various task my biggest end enjoyable is to do the overhead on a Sunday for 2 Services and i am very happy that i can use your picture’s free of charge to make a superb presentation.
    i am using sunday plus.
    thank you soooooooooooo much for this website
    yours Yogi

  10. i thank God for your creative mind of developing this web, i believe that those who visit it will learn more how Christ is so simple and lovely to us. be honored.

  11. I am in charge of making posters for our annual Women’s Church Christmas Activity. We will be talking about Mary and her journey as Jesus mother. I wanted to use one of your beautiful pictures for our flier. May I have permission to reprint it?

  12. thanks brother
    for your teachings about our god and our shepherd
    now finally i know that he never leaves me alone in this darkness of world, where even my shadow never sustain with me.

  13. I am faith in my god jesus christ. I want to be a singer in my life,so please i am requested to my god….! and I LOVE MY girlfriend,i want to marrise with her,so please god help me…………

  14. Mother mary and son are wonderful, marvelous and hap
    py to see our Lord and mother mary……..Amen….Allaleua ….Pl
    pray us.

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