Baby Jesus in church Baby Jesus 0102 Baby Jesus 0103 Baby Jesus 0104

Baby Jesus 0105 Baby Jesus 0106 Baby Jesus helping St.Joseph Baby Jesus 0108

Baby Jesus 0109 Baby Jesus 0110 Baby Jesus 0111 Baby Jesus and Saint John the Baptist

Baby Jesus 0112 Baby Jesus 0113

It’s very nice to see our Lord Jesus Christ as a baby. Take a look at the 14 pics given above, showing Baby Jesus. His mother Virgin Mary can also be seen with Him in most of them. Click on the thumbnails for the original sized pic.

Our Lord was born on a manger. He chose such a humble birth, on this planet Earth. He had only shepherds and cows beside his parents to amuse his baby eyes when Jesus was born in the manger. On each Christmas eve, just remember the humble birth of our Almighty GOD Jesus Christ as the cute baby you see in the pictures given above.

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