Poem : Come To The Table Of Mercy

Table of Mercy

Come to the table, the table of mercy
Come to the table of life, come to the Father
Who loves and protects you, each and every night.
Come hold the hand of your father, come worship the king

He will guide you and he will love you, he will give you his peace.
Father, I come to the table of mercy, I come to the table of life.
I will bow down and I will worship you, I will give you my life.
You are my strength, my strong protector; you are the Lord of my life.
You alone are my Lord and my savior, you alone I serve.

Bring me your children that they may know you; bring the lost to me now.
That I may hold them and you will touch them with your divining light.
Give them your strength, your love and forgiveness; shine your light on them now.
Break the chains of sins and failure. Set them free for life.

Take them to the table to mercy, take them to the table of life,
that they may know you and will serve you for the rest of their life.
Bring us to the table of mercy; Bring us to the table of life.
So we can go forth and show others your love every day and night.

So come to the table the table of mercy, come to the table of life,
Come rejoice and be glad today for you have a brand new life.

– – – written by Reverend Peggy Harris, Helping Hands Ministry, Oregon

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