Pray For America

Pray for America – – – 140 Days of Prayer

Join Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries as we intercede for our great nation. It is immensely important for believers to seriously consider where we are as a nation and understand the dangerous spiritual tide that is engulfing us.

We are expecting all the people, not only Americans, to join us in these 140 days of prayer. Because we believe that the earth will be a much better place to live if America turnback to God.

By saying  YES to us, you are making the commitment to pray for America. In response to this pledge, we will be sending you a weekly e-mail to help you in this important endeavor. Each e-mail will include Scripture and prayer points to help unite us as a body of believers. There will be one e-mail per week for the 140 days, beginning July 5th.

Are you ready to pray for America? If so, be one of us now for the next 140 days.

God has called us to take a stand and appeal to Him on behalf of our country. And as we courageously fight the battle for the soul of our country on our knees, we must remember that He continues to rule over the affairs of this nation and will hear us when we humble ourselves, turn from our sins, and seek His face.

May God unify our hearts and answer our cries for the spiritual well-being of the United States of America. And may our great nation return to the Lord, honoring Him from sea to shining sea.

To find out the specific things we’ll be praying for, starting on July 5th, Download this PDF file, whose contents are given below…

Pray for America – Step-by-step Prayer Guide

Week 1 : Personal Preparation (Psalm 51)

Week 2 : God’s Ability to Help Us (Psalm 77:7–15)

Week 3: For the Church to Recognize Its Responsibility (Matthew 5:13–16)

Week 4: For God to Open the Eyes of Our Fellow Americans (Psalm 73)

Week 5: Revival and Spiritual Awakening (Psalm 85:6–13)

Week 6: God’s Intervention to Turn the Tide (2 Chronicles 7:12–15)

Week 7: The Financial Crisis (Deuteronomy 8:18)

Week 8: Increasing Taxation (Psalm 66:10–12)

Week 9: Increasing Unemployment (Philippians 4:19)

Week 10: The Rapid Erosion of Our Liberties (Galatians 5:1)

Week 11: Confusion and Corruption (Isaiah 3:12-13)

Week 12: The War Against Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12)

Week 13: Terrorism (Psalm 91:4–9)

Week 14: Turning Away from Israel (Genesis 12:3)

Week 15: Reaffirming Our Nation’s Christian Heritage (Psalm 33:12)

Week 16: Killing the Unborn (Psalm 139:13-16)

Week 17: Departure from the Biblical View of Marriage (Genesis 2:24)

Week 18: Natural Disasters (Hebrews 12:25–29)

Week 19: For Revival Worldwide (Psalm 117)

Week 20: Praise God for What He Will Do (Psalm 149)

So are you ready to pray for America together? Register for Prayer Materials.