Jesus In The Quran

Watch the above video clip. It is an interview with Mario Joseph, the Muslim priest who is right now a Christian, preaching Jesus all over the world, across many countries. This 34 minute video clip is so touching. It really amuses all of us Christians who had never even cared to see what the Quran, … Read more

A Poem For Jesus

A Poem For Jesus

From the start, O Lord God, You held me close when I was lost And believed in me beyond A shadow of a doubt. I knew from the beginning, My life was a wonderful blessing. I wasn’t supposed to ask You why But you helped me to live My life every day. O Lord God, … Read more

The Meaning Of Jesus’ Transfiguration

The Meaning Of Jesus Transfiguration

The transfiguration of Jesus (recorded in Matthew 17 and its parallels) is a unique scene in the gospels. Unlike many other events, Jesus did not announce that it would happen, the disciples certainly did not expect it, and this event was never repeated. The word “transfiguration” comes from the Latin roots trans- (“across”) and figura … Read more