Jesus In The Quran

Watch the above video clip. It is an interview with Mario Joseph, the Muslim priest who is right now a Christian, preaching Jesus all over the world, across many countries. This 34 minute video clip is so touching. It really amuses all of us Christians who had never even cared to see what the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, talks about Jesus Christ.

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You can download the video clip from the above link, in case you need to burn it to a DVD and gift someone. We have converted the main points of this interview into text below for those of you who cannot play or download the video, even after reaching our web page at

Jesus: God or Prophet

Mario, when he was working in a Muslim mosque as an Imam the Muslim priest, preached that Jesus Christ is not God. Then somebody from the crowd popped the question “Who is Jesus then?”. To know who Jesus really is, Mario went back and read the entire Quran once again, all the 114 chapters, all the 6666 verses in the Quran. When he completed reading Quran, he found that the name of the Prophet Mohammad was only found in 4 places, but the name of Jesus was seen in 25 places. That itself confused him a little. Why does Quran give so much preference to Jesus Christ?

Second thing was that Mario was not able to find the name of any women related with Prophet Mohammad in Quran, his mothers name, wife’s name, children’s name, no nothing was there. In the entire Quran, he could only find one woman’s name and that was Mariam, the mother of Jesus Christ. Even chapter 3 in Quran is titled as ‘Family of Mariam’ and the chapter 19 has the name ‘Mariam’ itself. This made him all the more curious. Quran goes on to say even that Mary was born without original sin and her assumption to heaven is also specified clearly in Quran.

10 Points about Jesus in Quran

Quran, chapter 3 verses 45 to 55 has 10 points about Jesus. The first thing is that Jesus is called the ‘Word of God’. Second thing is that Jesus is called the ‘Spirit of God’. And the third mention is the name ‘Jesus Christ’. Quran says that Jesus spoke when he was very small, almost 2 days old after his birth and that he created a live bird with mud. He took some mud, formed a bird, breathed into it and it became a live bird. This means Jesus can give life. Quran also says Jesus cured a man born blind and a man with leprosy. It also says that Jesus gave life to dead people. Jesus went to heaven. Jesus is still alive and He will come again.

Jesus: A prophet even greater than Mohammed?

When Mario saw all these things in Quran, he was just wondering what Quran says about Mohammad. According to Quran, Prophet Mohammed is not the Word of God, not the Spirit of God, never spoke when he was 2 days old, never created any bird with mud, never cured any sick people, never raised any dead people, he himself died and according to Islam he is not alive and he will not come back. So there is a lot of difference between these two prophets.

Mario’s debate with his Teacher

Mario was never calling Jesus as God, he considered Jesus only as a prophet but after reading all these, he learnt that Jesus is a prophet greater than Mohammad. To clear his doubts, he went to his teacher one day, the same teacher who taught him 10 years in Arabic College. Mario asked him “Teacher, how did God create the Universe?” to which his teacher replied that “God created the universe through the Word”. Then Mario asked again, “Word of God is Creator or Creation?”.

Quran says Jesus is Word of God. If his teacher says that the Word of God is Creator, which means Jesus is Creator, then the Muslims must become Christian. Suppose if the teacher says the Word is creation, that will be wrong as he had already said that everything is created through the Word. If the Word is creation, then how did God create the Word? So he could not say the Word is Creator or the Creation. This made him so mad, he pushed Mario out of his room.

Mario told to his teacher then that Word is not the Creator, not the Creation and that is why Christians say the Word is Son of God. Then his teacher asked Mario that if there is a son for God, Mario must show him the wife of God, as there is no chance for having a son without a wife. To this Mario responded stating some verses from Quran which says God can see without eyes, God can talk without tongue, God can hear without ears, and these are all written in Quran. If that is the case, then of course God can have a child without a wife.

There was a huge argument and in the end, Mario took his Quran, put it on his chest and said “Allah, tell me what I should do because your Quran says Jesus is still alive and Mohammad is no more. You tell me whom should I accept.” After the prayer, Mario opened the Quran, not asking to anyone else, just to his Allah. When he opened Quran, he saw Chapter 10 verse 94. And that says “if you have any doubt in this Quran which I give to you, go and read the Bible, or ask the people, those who read the Bible. The truth is already revealing that.”

So Mario goes on to say that If you ask him who made him a Christian, it’s not any fathers, sisters, bishops, cardinals, and not even Pope. But the holy Quran converted him to Christianity.

Are we Slaves or Children of God?

John Chapter 1 verse 12 says if anyone accepted Jesus, Jesus will give them power to become Children of God. In all the verses of Quran, Allah calls the human beings as slaves and Allah is master. Master cannot love the slave and slave cannot love the master. Even no one would like to be called by someone as a slave. But Quran says you are my slave. But John 1:12 says “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”. So immediately his heart said I need Jesus because I want to be a child of God. And from then he started to call God Daddy. Until then he never knew that he can call God his Daddy.

The prayer Jesus taught us starts with Abbun , our God who art in heaven. Abbun in Arabic means “Our Dad”. Mario goes on to explain his immense joy and pleasure when he calls the creator of the Universe as his own Dad, that truly is an experience which can never be told, but which should be felt by ourselves.

His family tried to kill him

The rest of the above video interview goes on to explain the reaction from his dad and family when they learnt that he got converted to Christianity. They tortured him so hard and even tried to kill him. They did all these because its written in Quran in more than 18 places to fight with the non-believers and in some places in Quran its even written to kill the one who rejects Islam. As his dad and family strictly followed Quran, they went to all the extent of even killing their own son. When he wanted water, his brother came and passed urine in his mouth saying that is the punishment for him for believing in Christ.

Mario’s miraculous escape

Finally, with knife in his hands, his dad asked him to believe in Allah if he wants to live or die if he still needs Jesus. Mario chose to die in Jesus as he was confident that dying in Jesus name can bring him back, just as Jesus rose from his death. When he made this decision, suddenly a light fell on his forehead, an electric shock passed through his veins and he was so energized, from somewhere so much energy was flowing to his body. With that much energy, he pulled the ready-to-kill hands of his father and cried out JESUS.

When he cried out, his dad fell on the ground and there was a big wound on his chest caused by the big knife which he himself was holding. There was bleeding and some kind of foam was coming from his dad’s mouth and he was screaming. Mario could escape from his room when all the family members rushed his dad to the hospital. Mario directly took a taxi and went to Potta. Thus he escaped from his family’s prison.

This incident revealed to Mario that Jesus is still alive and among us, protecting him all through these 18 years after his conversion where there had been so many attempts on his life. His family even did a mock funeral ceremony of Mario and he has his grave in his hometown.

Die in Christ

Mario continues: If you believe in Mohammad and die, as you know, Prophet Mohammad died, people buried him and afterwards, we don’t know where he went. If you believe in him and die, you don’t know where you will go. There are so many Gods in our country, all including the many Hindu Gods, Buddha etc, they lived, created history, they died, people buried them and we don’t know where they went. So if you believe in all these Gods and Goddesses, you wont know what is your future.

But Christ, who died, HE came back. So please have the hope that If you die in Christ, you will come back. So its better, be sure of death and that should be in Christ. To have eternal life, you need Jesus.

Forgiveness of Sins

In Islam, they offer animals for the sins that they committed. In Hinduism, there is birth and rebirth. In Christianity, Jesus took away my sins by his death on Earth and he will be saying to the Heavenly Father that this human is pure because I took away all his sins, he is purified now. So now you can take him to Heaven. So Jesus is my Savior.

We did not write down the entire 34 minute video clipping of the interview into words here. So we request you to please watch the embedded video at the top of this article here or if you are reading this in an email, visit us by clicking on the article heading to go to our web page to play the entire video clip.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the details and presently I am doing my 6 months comparative study on Muslim, Hinduism and Roman Catholic from Truth University. I had finish my Phd in Bible from same University.

    Please email your thought about the Muslim and I will give you my thoughts.

    Thank you & regards

    Bipul Das
    099202 00114

  2. I find this video very interesting,instructive and captivating.I would like that many of my friends come to know of this. It is thrilling.Mario is a brave man, a living martyr!!

  3. Mario is a living testimony to the power of God in Christ Jesus it says to me ‘Fear not’ and as a Catholic convert, it concretizes my faith in the teaching of Catholic church

  4. Good video, very informative, i read translation of complete Quran earlier, what Mario says is very True. Reading Quran only increased my faith in jesus. May God, our Lord Jesus christ, reveal himself to many more muslim brothers & sisters.

    Thank You for posting this video.
    Who ever watch it please Leave your comments.

    Mini shaji

  5. I see a faith that even we christians don’t practice. It gives us a chance to think and analyse our lives what level of faith do we have and how much of God we are giving to our children and the generations to come

  6. I am happy with this testimony. Apart from this may I add that in the qua ran, Jesus is normally mentioned as the son of Mary ever Virgin.This is in contrast with some people !who says ( being Christians) Mary is not Virgin. This apart, qua-ran describes the father and mother of Mary, and the offering St Annes made to God ,at Sarah 3 ayah 35 , ” Lord I dedicate to thee what is in my womb for thy special service” . Mary is very much revered by Muslims and almost 140 times Mary’s name is mentioned.
    Glory to God, through His beloved Daughter Mary

  7. After watching the video, i gained more confident in my faith in Jesus as my saviour. I confident towards my sharing to my close friends….they all felt the same as i did. This live testimony will magnify my faith of which will bear fruits to its plentiful. Thanks God,thanks HolySpirit for letting us to see more clearer the Son of God…lets spread it to save the world, our Creator ownership.

  8. ISIS and all Islamic extremists who commit these violent atrocities like we see today with the displaced Christians and others from Iraq and the multitudes who have been brutally murdered and tortured, truly believe in God and genuinely seek and believe that they are doing God’s will but they are horrifically mistaken… If Mario Joseph can’t get through to these people then they will continue in their errors causing immeasurable pain and suffering that they will find it difficult to face when they die without suffering eternally for it… They are persecuting Jesus and those who can save them from their errors. And they need to understand all the implications of this Truth.

  9. To Bipul Das, the Catholic Church IS the TRUTH. Not everything taught at some university called Truth will actually teach you the Truth. The Catholic Church is the only one established by Jesus Christ.

  10. I have read the whole Quran, found all the verses are human imagination long before discovery of science. Like in the Quran author says (no name) “The Sun goes round the Earth on a set course ordered by Allah, and Moon follows the sun to rest, for Allah to pull the veil over the Sun to bring darkness.”

  11. Your next mission is to discover the bible.For as we know that the bible has already been change into so many version.Which bible that actually we need/must to practised.shalom to you mario joseph..

  12. Sorry guys, I had responded to a Christian friend on whatsapp after she sent me a short form of the video. I went searching for it and came across this post. I thought of sharing my response to her with you so I copied and pasted it down here. I believe if your religion is the truth, you won’t have any fear of sharing it with others.

    Mr Mario is to me, clearly a liar, he couldn’t have been an imaam. I haven’t learned Arabic as much as he claims but I understood the Quran and could answer his questions without a fight, why would a teacher of his fail to answer him? Try as much as possible to WIN SOULS FOR YOUR FAITH. DON’T STEAL INNOCENT SOULS FOR YOUR RELIGION. JESUS DESERVE BETTER.

    [12:20pm, 4/10/2015] harun: So by the man’s analysis and interpretations the bible is God?

    [12:21pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Because to him the word of God is the creator and not the creation

    [12:22pm, 4/10/2015] harun: As such the bible you have in ur bag, the two I have in my room and the one I have in my phone only after I had a smart phone, created him, u, me and all else???

    [12:23pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Certainly NO!!

    [12:26pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Now let me explain to you what is the truth

    [12:29pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Before muhammad was sent, Jesus Christ peace be upon them both was sent to the Jews but most of them rejected him, and said he was a product of fornication, a bastard to be precise

    [12:32pm, 4/10/2015] harun: To the Jews marry the mother of Jesus was an evil woman and Jesus isn’t a legitimate son, but when Jesus was leaving this earth he said to his disciples in more than one instance that anyone who came after him and confesses that he Jesus was of God is a true prophet

    [12:33pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Don’t ask me for the biblical verses, I have them but I just want to be snappy with the explanation

    [12:37pm, 4/10/2015] harun: When Muhammad came n started calling people to his faith, no single pagan claimed anything about his lineage, all of them knew his father and mother, they both got married before Muhammad was born to them, so why will it be necessary to go telling people about the legitimacy of Muhammad’s birth or his mother’s name??

    [12:45pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Muhammad came and did just as Jesus said, he came and honored Jesus, and his mother. Muhammad told the entire world that Jesus wasn’t a bastard, nor was his mother a fornicator, so the fact that marry’s name is the only female name in the Quran tells you how much Muhammad respect and honor her. The man also claimed that Jesus’ name appeared in the Quran more than Muhammad’s, that is true but he didn’t say that Moses name appeared more than Jesus’, so on that basis Moses should be better than Jesus, but neither Muslims nor Christians say that

    [12:53pm, 4/10/2015] harun: To be the son of God or God himself, the qualification is not the number of times your name appears in a scripture. Of course what he tried to do is that he tried to say that the Quran confirmed that Jesus was the spirit of God. That is found in Quran 4:171, it say “… Jesus the son of marry is nothing but the messanger of Allah and His word which He bestowed onto marry and a spirit proceeding from Him…”

    [12:55pm, 4/10/2015] harun: The immaculate birth of Jesus was captured in the chapter named after his mum just as the man said in the video.

    [1:01pm, 4/10/2015] harun: The word of Allah is that he wanted to create Jesus without a father and he uttered the word “BE” and Jesus became. Allah says to this regard in Quran 3:59 “the similarity of Jesus before Allah is like that of Adam, He created him from clay and then said to him BE and he(Adam) became”

    [1:08pm, 4/10/2015] harun: In Quran 66:12, Allah says how Jesus’ live became possible by the spirit, it says “and Mary daughter of Imran(that’s the Quranic name of Mary’s father) who guarded her chastity and so we breath into her Our spirit( through angel Gabriel which is said clearly in other verses) and she believed in the word of her Lord and his scriptures and she was among the devoted servants”

    [1:10pm, 4/10/2015] harun: So clearly the Quran doesn’t say Jesus himself is the word nor is the spirit bit of God

    [2:09pm, 4/10/2015] harun: It was rather a spirit created by God which was blown or breathed into Mary, now that’s exactly why Allah said this creation was similar to Adam, for in Quran 15:28-29 God talks about how He breathed His spirit for the first time into Adam long before Jesus, He says ” and remember when We say to the angels, indeed I am creating a human being from clay from an altered black mud. And when I have fashioned him and BREATHE IN HIM MY SPIRIT(SOUL), then fall in prostration to him”. So if Jesus was God or son of God because the Quran says he is spirit of God or word of God, then Adam to is equally God or son of God according to the same Quran, so Jesus isn’t any different, but will the man in the video see Adam as such? Definitely NO!

    [2:28pm, 4/10/2015] harun: He also claimed that Jesus made birds from clay and gave live and cured the blind and lame, spoke while in the cradle etc, but all these are merely miracles God not Jesus did through Jesus, because the verse says in 3:49 ” … That I create for you from clay a likeness of a bird and I blow into it and it becomes a bird by THE PERMISSION OF ALLAH. And I cure the leper, and the lame, and the blind by the PERMISSION OF ALLAH. And I revive(resurrect) the dead by THE PERMISSION OF ALLAH…”. Clearly here to Jesus didn’t do all these HIMSELF, and says the bible about Jesus, he says ” I can of my OWN SELF DO NOTHING”. He says also “I cast away demons by the FINGER OF GOD”. Not by himself.

    There are other prophets both in the Quran and bible who performed similar miracles like Jesus but they do not become God or sons of God by those, do they? In 1 kings 17:22 Elijah gave life to a dead boy. This same Elijah went to heaven alive. Like Enoch was raised alive to heaven so he did not taste death. But do they become God or sons of God like his claim about Jesus??? So this is why Muslims read the Quran but don’t see what this man claims is in the Quran. But if the word son of God is used in its right context to mean a good slave or a righteous servant of God, then of course all Muslims are 100% in agreement that Jesus is a son of God like Muhammad, Moses, Abraham n all the prophets God sent to us

    [2:33pm, 4/10/2015] harun: Sorry I spoiled your day with my lectures. I have more to tell but I was afraid u won’t have the ears to it. Otherwise the very differences that the man in the video sees in Muhammad and Jesus, are the very evidence that proves Muhammad as a true prophet sent by God from bible prophecy in Deuteronomy 18:18. If u wish read that verse and I will help u see Muhammad prophecized in the bible by the man’s own evidences.

  13. The matter on ground is simply the revelation of the God Almighty. Don’t argue, just be sincere with yourself and ask God to reveal His salvation unto you. As much as those that know the living God also know His Son. Even in this, he that believes that Jesus is the son of God has eternal life, and this is confirmed by Holy Spirit in us. God is Spirit and His Sons must also be spirits, thus He Himself gave us of Own Spirit.

    CAN YOU GIVE ME THE REFERENCE WHERE QURAN SAYS THAT “God can see without eyes, God can talk without tongue, God can hear without ears”?

  15. Misconception of Mr. MARIO..IMAAM Turned CHRISTIAN

    We Muslims and Christian believe that Prophet Jesus Pbuh used to worship and prostrate for a long time, even for whole night.
    My question is if he was a GOD then whom did he prayed to?? ?

    ⭐Number Doesn’t Really Matter In Quran:
    Prophet Moses pbuh is mentioned 136 times in holy Quran, that doesn’t mean quran gives much preference to Prophet Moses. And neither Christian nor Muslims worship Moses in that case.

    ⭐Who is Prophet Jesus?
    He is a messenger of Allah. He was sent to convey Allah’s message to the world. To give guidance to show them right path.

    ⭐Mariam A.s?
    She was a pure lady. Christian calls her “Mother Of God”. How can God be created by some else? God creates everyone, God is not Created.

    ⭐Mariam_Chapter Name?
    Chapter name is only for the identification of Surah. If so, we have chapter names such as “The Family of Imran, Abraham, Hud, Jonah, Joseph and Mohammed itself” And her name is often used as “Esa ibn Mariam” in quran. Which shows Esa is son of Mariam,Not the son of God. It is mentioned so in quran to break the misconception of Christians

    ⭐Word of God, Spirit Of God, Jesus Christ?
    “Kalimatullah” clearly means “word from Allah”
    Every messengers was given “laqab”. For example Abraham a.s is said as “khalilullah” which means “friend of Allah” , which doesn’t mean rest of the messengers were enemy or they were not Allah’s friend. Moses pbuh is said as “kalimullah” which means “talked with Allah” that doesn’t means other messengers didnt talked with Allah. Our beloved prophet Mohammed s.a.w also talked during miraj..
    For more clarification visit By Dr.Zakir Naik

    ⭐Dead to life?
    Every prophets were give some sort of miracles by Allah.
    Esa a.s was blessed with bringing life to dead and the verse clearly mentioned it happened “with the will of Allah” or permission of Allah”
    Prophet Mohammed s.a.w was given the power of splitting moon but remember it happened “with the will of Allah”

    Allah says 14:4 “Allah lets go astray whom he wills and guides whom he pleases”
    Its a pity on Mr. MARIO that he was misguided..
    May Allah save us from misguidance and help us to be steadfast in our Imaan! Ameen Ya Rab!!!

  16. Mario good day my brother in Christ. I viewed your DVD testimony this morning and I’m so pleased that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

    I was just wondering re your testimony especially Chapter 10 vs 94. “if you have any doubt in this Quran which I give to you, go and read the Bible, or ask the people, those who read the Bible. The truth is already revealing that”

    I have inspected various Quran versions but cannot find the word “Bible”. What version are you using?

  17. Thank God for the life of Mario Joseph.

    Please, let it be to the notice of the Muslims and their fake prophet that no prophecy was given in the bible for the coming of the fake prophet who is in no wise worth the feet of Jesus. But it’s so unfortunate that the evil possessed prophet Mohammed has deceived many people telling them that the Bible is corrupt so that they will never know the truth.

    To make my facts clear, read the below information in detail:

    Jesus died and rose from the dead.
    Muhammad died and stayed dead.

    Jesus never fought.
    Muhammad fought many many times.

    Hearing from God
    When Jesus heard from God, He went to the desert
    to be tempted and began His ministry with boldness. (Mark 1:14-15).
    When Muhammad heard from God (supposedly
    through an angel), he cowered, was uncertain, and
    wanted to commit suicide. (Quran 74:1-5).

    Jesus claimed to be God (John 8:24,8:58) as well as a man.
    Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6).
    Muhammad claimed to be a man.

    Instructions Received
    Jesus received from God the Father (John 5:19).
    Mohammad allegedly from an angel.

    Jesus never killed anyone.
    Muhammad killed many.

    Jesus had the power to take life but never did. He restored it.
    Muhammad had the power to take it, but he never restored it.
    No one ever died in Jesus’ presence.
    Many people died in Muhammad’s presence–he killed them.

    Jesus never married.
    Muhammad had over 20 wives and even married a nine-year-old girl.

    Jesus received His calling from God directly. (Matt.3:17).
    Jesus received His commission in the daylight.
    Muhammad allegedly received it from an angel (Gabriel).
    Muhammad received his words in the darkness of a cave.

    Ministry Length
    Jesus taught for 3.5 years.
    Muhammad taught for more than 20 years.

    Jesus performed many miracles including healing people,
    calming a storm with a command, and raising people from the dead.
    Muhammad’s only alleged miracle was the Quran.

    Jesus fulfilled Biblical prophecy about being the Messiah.
    Muhammad did not fulfill any Biblical prophecy
    except the ones about false teachers (Matt. 24:24).

    Jesus voluntarily laid his life down for others.
    Muhammad saved his own life many times and had others killed.

    Jesus never sinned. (1 Pet. 2:22).
    Muhammad was a sinner. (Quran 40:55, 48:1-2).

    Jesus owned no slaves.
    Muhammad owned slaves.

    Virgin Birth
    Jesus was virgin born.
    Muhammad was not virgin born.

    Voice of God
    Jesus received and heard the direct voice of God. (Mark 1:10-11).
    Muhammad did not receive or hear the direct voice of God.
    It was an angel instead.

    Jesus spoke well of women.
    Muhammad said that women were 1/2 as smart as
    men (Hadith 3:826, 2:541) and that majority in hell
    will be women (Had. 1:28, 301, 2:161, 7:124) and
    that women could be mortgaged.

  18. The issue on ground is very simple honestly,deep in your heart ask God that you want to know the truth to enable you serve HIM(GOD).Then the truth about John 3verse 16 will be revealed to you.Jesus is Lord!!!

  19. In Qur’an 66:12, the “We” there is it God alone, Mr Harun?
    The truth is always there but everyone has the right to choose but woe unto those who will choose the wrong one. Christianity is a way of life. Why should you kill people you want to convert? If they don’t follow you today it doesn’t mean they can’t follow you tomorrow. God is God, the almighty, Jesus Christ is the son of God, our saviour. He told us that we too are sons if we believe God through Him.

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