Video : The Best Skit I Have Ever Seen

Watch this great video. It is the best skit performed on stage.

Download the video here

The video clip begins by showing how happily a girl lives, in the company of Jesus Christ. She enjoys a lot, with Jesus by her side. Then as time goes by, we see many others come into her life and Jesus is made to wait at the far end of the queue. Her unholy affair, her craze for money, liquor, fashion world etc attract her a lot and she moves away from Jesus. At last the evil spirit comes and tempts her to commit suicide. She is completely broken and she tries to catch the hand of Jesus, who is still anxiously waiting for her at the far end of the queue, all this time.

But these evil things like unholy affair, liquor, fashion etc hold her back and she just cannot touch Jesus’ held out hand. At that instant, she just kneel down and pray to God. All of a sudden, Jesus comes to the front and holds all the evil things back and makes her life safe. He destroys all of them and the girl is once again together with Jesus, her saviour.

I like this clip as it conveys a very clear message to all that turning back to God from all your sins is just impossible without prayer in your life. The girl couldnt reach Jesus by herself. But when she started praying, Jesus came forward to help her and solved all her problems. Check out this great piece of art,  sometimes the best skit you will ever see in your life.

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