I am very proud to say you are my pet

my-pet my-pet-2 my-pet-3 my-pet-4

my-pet-5 my-pet-6 my-pet-7 my-pet-8

my-pet-8 my-pet-10 my-pet-11 my-pet-12

my-pet-13 my-pet-14 my-pet-15 my-pet-16

my-pet-17 my-pet-18

Pets……..They are just awesome! I love my pets and I know all of you feel the same.

Our pets have become a part of our life, we recognise it or not, especially for our kids, as we can infer from the 18 pet pics given just above. Take a look at each of them, how cute and lovely they are!

Today, for many of us, our animal companions are our only or most important link with the world of nature. They teach us lessons about our own spirit and spirituality and the spirit, which permeates the whole of life. Through their very existence, pure-of-heart, full of love, and vulnerable, they teach us important lessons about the delicate balance and enormous power of the earth. Through their very existence and our proximity to them, we come to recognize that the greatest, most enduring gifts life has to offer are not material but, rather, spiritual.

Innate in human beings is a reverence and feeling of awe and upliftment when we are in contact with the natural world: the deep blue oceans and lakes; a cascading waterfall; a clear, starlit sky; a snow-covered mountain peak; a glistening glacier; a verdant meadow in bloom and ablaze with wildflowers. We find healing, serenity, peace and renewal in nature. We somehow sense that there is a Greater Power Who has created and is manifest in all living beings. Through recognition of this Greater Power or Creative Force, we are able to discover that we are far more than our mere 3 physical minds or bodies. We are the Power that motivates them.

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