Video : God’s Chisel

Watch this video clip given above. Its named “God’s Chisel”. A very lovely one.

When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives, it can be very painful.

In one of their most requested skits, Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline.

The clip shows a man praying to God to chisel him so as to make  him  a  better person. God appears before him and what follows is a thought provoking and inspirational conversation between him and God.

I made the mistake of putting off watching this video just because it was almost 9 minutes long.

Would you give up 9 minutes if it changed you and had an eternal impact? This video has ministered me in a tremendous way. I share it with every one  hoping that the holy spirit may minister them too. It has a very anointed message. A great video from the skit guys Tommy and Eddie.

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