Video : Dad Fixes Everything

Play the above video clip. It tells about a girl and her lovely father (Duration: 3 minutes)

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This video shows that fathers are willing to do anything for their children, including Our Father in heaven. He gives us more than we need simply because he loves us. This video is an illustration of the love that God shows to us. It is also telling us that no matter how we treat our Father, He will never turn away from us and He will try to make things better for us even when we pout and don’t deserve it.

This is one of the best video I’ve seen on Tangle. It reminded me of my parents as I was growing up, and how much they worked to meet the family’s needs. How as a child I didn’t understand not having everything I wanted and being told NO. But just as the narrator states at the end, the greatest thing my parents ever gave me was love… not only theirs, but to raise me in church so that I could come to know the love of Christ my Savior.

This superb video is made by Yasmin Ahmad, a Muslim transvestite filmmaker from Malaysia, and commissioned by the Singaporean government to promote good family values. It gives a wonderful message to all and a perfect example of God’s love for us. Yasmin passed away on 23 July 2009 from a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain. You can see many of her other wonderful videos on YouTube — aside from this video, my favourites are “Funeral” and “Chinese New Year Ad 02” – they really contain great Christian family values and tell great touching stories with humour.

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