Video : Healer – The Kelsie Story

Watch the video clip given above. GOD HEALS… (Duration: 7:35 minutes)

Kelsie, the little girl in this story is born with a terrible disease, Leukemia. Her parents share how they felt all along, right from the instant they came to know about this bad news, till the day when Kelsie is miraculously saved. A must see video, I should say!

The song playing in the background is Healer from Kari Jobe’s self named album.

God is a healer, because we need to be healed, a Savior, because we need to be saved. And many more …. I accept Him and respect Him because He is the only One, who can help me. Be patient! If we don’t understand His ways today, we may learn more of it tomorrow. Though some things will always remain hidden, because His ways are higher than ours. But He will prove He loves you, and didn’t forget about you. Ask Him! He is also a teacher, because we are ignorant. I am ignorant.

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