Jesus Christ Wallpaper set 23 – Jesus with children

See the 12 Jesus Christ wallpapers given above, showing Him along with children.

Pictures that show Jesus with children are very common. And we all know the reason very well. Jesus loved children very much. He liked their innocence very much. He also asks us to be like one of them, so pure, so innocent so that we may inherit His kingdom.

I am pretty sure its very hard for us to become as innocent as these children. But we should give it a try! Take away the hatred, the jealousy, the worries etc from our hearts and do our best to be a child once more, as we were in our olden days. Enjoy the 12 pictures given above.

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Wallpaper set 23 – Jesus with children”

  1. Can you tell me who the artist is in the picture Jesus with Children 2306? We are wanting to obtain a full size picture and permission to use it on the headstone for our two year daughter who passed away five years ago. Any additional information on that picture would be appreciated.



  2. I would love to buy prints of some of the pictures on the “Jesus with Children” Wallpaper. Is this possible?

    Rosemary Rule

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