St. Alphonsa Prayers

St Alphonsa India

Prayer of Saint Alphonsa:-

O Lord Jesus,

Hide me in the wound of your sacred heart.
Free me from my desire to be loved and esteemed.
Guard me from my evil attempts to win fame and honor.
Make me humble till I become a small spark in the flame of love in your Sacred Heart.
Grant me the grace to forget myself and all worldly things.
Jesus, sweet beyond words, convert all worldly consolations into bitterness for me.
O my Jesus, Sun of Justice, enlighten my intellect and mind with your sacred rays. Purify my heart, consume me with burning love for you, and make me one with you.

Novena of Saint Alphonsa:

CLICK HERE to get Novena of Saint Alphonsa in Malayalam language.

Prayer to Saint Alphonsa:-

Oh, Saint Alphonsa, you have been graciously chosen from our midst to be united with Jesus Christ, our savior, in the misery of his passion, death and resurrection. You have grown to the heights of holiness and have been crowned with heavenly glory.

Help us in our trials and tribulations. Oh! Daughter of sufferings, obtain for us the grace to lead a holy life, following your example, in total submission to the will of God. Be with us, transforming all our sorrows into a holy sacrifice in union with Christ Crucified, in reparation to our sins, for the sanctification and salvation of the whole world.

Prayer for the intercession of Saint Alphonsa:-

O, Holy Spirit, descend upon us. Pour out your gifts upon us and strengthen us in faith. Guide us with the hope for the kingdom of heaven. Enkindle our hearts with the fire of divine love. Just as you led Saint Alphonsa along the path of sanctity, lead us also on the path of righteousness. Grant us the grace to grow in sanctity and wisdom, by serving you faithfully in humility and gentleness.

Celebrant : With joy and hope in our hearts, let us pray: “Lord, hear our prayer”.

All : Lord, hear our prayer.

Celebrant : Lord, you raised Sr. Alphonsa to the host of the Blessed, fill us with the spirit of prayer and sacrifice.

All : Lord, hear our prayer.

Celebrant : Lord, grant us the grace to seek the hand of god in all our sufferings and sorrows, like St. Alphonsa who bore witness to you through her sufferings and self-sacrifice.

All : Lord, hear our prayer.

Celebrant : Lord Jesus, you offered yourself as a victim on the cross for us sinners. St. Alphonsa imitated you by offering herself as a victim on your alter. Grant us the strength and grace to offer ourselves to you every moment, as a burnt offering, like this holy sister.

All : Lord, hear our prayer.

Celebrant : Lord Jesus, at the moment of your death agony, your prayer to the father saying: “Not my will, but they will be done”. St. Alphonsa also imitated you praying in the same fashion. Help us to see you in our superiors and do your will in all circumstances.

All : Lord, hear our prayer.

Let us pray

Merciful and benevolent God, we offer ourselves completely to you. We give you thanks for all the blessings you shower upon us. Forgive us our sins and offences. Lord, you gave us St. Alphonsa as our model and mediator. We seek her intercession now. Protect us from all evils, spiritual and material. Fill us with your blessings. We make this prayer in your name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  1. Dear Saint , please come to my aid and heal me from this pain that is tormenting me, i am suffering a lot due to this pain, am not able to get proper sleep due to this, please take care of me and make me well. Please intercede to our Lord Jesus and ask for healing of little Jase and Donald. Let the two children enjoy their childhood like baby Jesus did when he was in this world. Let them also play like he did. Please make my nephew to be walk again, touch his legs and strengthen him, make him a living testimony of tis great miracle that you will perform. Heal me of my pains. In Jesus name with faith and trust I pray AMEN

  2. Dear Saint you are merciful and powerful, we give you all glory and are aware of the power that our lord has bestowed upon you, please come to our aid and redeem us. Please have mercy on us. Heal Jase and Donalad and give them both the lovely life that is been promised by our Lord Jesus from whom all good things come, let them grow into healthy children. Please make my nephew walk, let this be a great miracle not only in his life but a miracle which would make people speechless and believe that our Lord God exists. Heal him, touch his legs and make them new. Please remove the pains that are troubling me, you know the sufferings that I am going though, heal me completely. In Jesus name with faith and trust I pray AMEN

  3. Dear Powerful and Holy Saint, please have mercy on us and deliver us from these affiliations that has been tormenting us for all these years, redeem us from this suffering. We have been praying to you and asking for your mercy and blessings, please come to our aid and heal us.
    Please make Jase to get back to being like any normal child and let him enjoy this lovely creation that you have made for him. Heal Donald and make him to get back his speech and movement in his hands. Let them both become inspiration for people around them. Heal my nephew and make him to get up and walk again. Make him a vessel to glorify you in this world, wipe the tears of my sister and give her peace. Heal me of my problems, my leg is hurting and the itching is very bad, do help me and redeem me of this suffering. In Jesus name with faith and trust I pray for a miracle in our lives. In Jeus Holy name AMEN

  4. Dear Holy Saint , I believe and trust that you are one who comes to the aid of people in the most in distress, I also believe in the power of our Lord Jesus, it is not my faith that is shaking me today, but the pain that is troubling me. Please heal me completely and perform a miracle in my life right now and make me fine, remove the itching of the skin due to the varicose veins and make me as before. Please heal Jase and make him to have a life like what all the other children are enjoying. Please make Donald to be able to speak and let him get the movement in his hands. Make my nephew to be able to walk again and let his miracle be seen by one and all. I promise that I will continue to testify your miraculous power till the end of my life. Heal me right now. With trust faith and hope I pray to you for your mercy and blessings. In Jesus name Amen

  5. Dear Holy and saint, you do know all my misgivings and issues. Please forgive me and do be by my side. Heal me from this ailment that I am suffering due to this rash and itch on my body. Heal me and make me as new. Please Heal Jase and make him to breathe as normal and lead a good life. Give back Donald his movement in his hand and give him his speech. Please heal Sheena of her skin ailment. Please touch and make my nephew to get back on his feet. Though it has been so long we have not given up hopes for we trust that you will perform a miracle. Please Intercede on our behalf and ask Jesus our Lord from whom all good things come to protect us and to be by our side and not to let us down. In Jesus name with faith and trust I pray Amen

  6. thank you dear holy saint for passing my son to the next standard and i pray for your continued blessings for his studies this year as he is in the X standard.thank you for not letting me down and helping me.Amen.

  7. Sarina is having typhoid fever. one week completed. still fever continues & admitted in hospital. Pls pray for her. Pls pray for Sarina. tomorrow I have to go to office. life is miserable. heart is heavy. tears always. pls pray for sarina’s health. give me strength to face these problems & to be strong. pls pray for me. pls answer our prayers. I thank jesus for taking care of us. sarina needs your touch. pls heal her. help me in my work place tomorrow. be with us always. pls heal sarina. Let no fever come back. kill the bacteria in her body. touch her & heal her completely. I humbly wait upon your touch lord. I believe that you will heal her completely today. amen.

  8. St. Alphonsa, pls pray for us. Pls heal sarina completely. pls pray for me & for tomorrow at work place, I won’t do any nonsense as my daughter is admitted in hospital.

  9. Doctor just now said sarina can be discharged from hospital today. Pls pray that sarina gets healed from typhoid completely. Thankyou St. Alphonsa. Thankyou Jesus.. Thank you my loving lord. Thank you St. Mary. Thankyou Alphonsa amme for praying for us. Thankyou

  10. Oh St. Alphonse, pray for my son who is epileptic and no medicines so far were able to control epilepsy. Please pray for his epilepsy to be in control and regenerate his atrophied brain cells.

  11. Dear St.Alphonsa. I need prayers for restoration and God’s favour in all the spheres of my influence. That the works of my hands be blessed in Jesus name.

  12. Dear St. Alphonsamma, I am praying for my son, who is having a pain in the head after an accident. Please touch and heal him today, being your feast day. I am sure you will intercede for him and heal him. please also bless my son and daughter to get their life partners, according to God’s Holy Will to bring up a good family in Catholic faith. please also help and guide me to finalise the best proposals for them,being a single parent. Thank you St.Alphonsamma for praying for us.

  13. Pray for me,that God should look at the tears of my eyes,to have mercy on me and provide a Good job for me,because am really suffering where I am, God pls hear mycry please lord.

  14. alphosa please pray to jesus that i should get a state rank in 10th and to get good name from my parents and my brother should do and speak with me nicley and i need to get 100 in tommarrow giving monthly xam paper please alphonsa by toady itself and my parents should allow me to do what i need..

  15. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for the conversion of Eric McDonald to true faith and hope in Jesus Christ!!!

    Our Dear Lady, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us. My Dear Mother Mary, pray for my friend Eric McDonald.Please show him your maternal love and care.Please pray for the conversion of his soul.May God Almighty, Save his soul. Most Loving Mother, I miss my friend Eric.I do not know where he is nor how he is!!!Mother Most Holy,Protect him and keep him safe.Please see that his needs are meet and that he experiences the joy of salvation.Help Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

    May St Michael, defend and protect Eric.May he bring Eric home safely!!!

    Thank You,
    Alfred Brown Jr

  16. Dear st alphonsamma now I have no job .you know how I live in each day , So My chunk alphosa pls help me to get a job. Now I am trying to join indian army. Pls help my chunk to get this job. So tjis is my final chance , pls pray for me
    Love u chunk.???

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