Chariots Racing Game – Biblical Theme

Chariots Racing Game


Chariots Racing Game – A game with Biblical Theme has been officially released.

It is a racing game and will be set loosely in ancient history with Roman, Greek and Egyptian themes. Chariots is a tiny excerpt from the much larger Christian MMORPG called Visions, also in development. We’re creating Chariots as an experimental development cycle to further our progress on Visions and release a smaller game in the process as well.

Chariots is a racing game set in Ancient History, loosly incorporating Greek, Roman and Biblical history into the theme. Players will be able to race on foot, on horseback, and of course in a Chariot. We have a variety of horses the player will be able to choose from, and an assortment of Chariot styles the player can earn upgrades to obtain. The player starts on the Island of Cyprus, where there will be 13 cities with a variety of race types and difficulty levels for the player to accomplish. The player will also be able to experience some races in an Egyptian setting, complete with Pyramids.

Chariots Racing Game 01 Chariots Racing Game 02 Chariots Racing Game

Chariots Racing Game Features!

* Foot races
* Horse races
* Chariots races
* Setting is Ancient Rome on the Island of Cyprus
* 13 City Kingdoms, each hosting races
* 13 different chariots
* 16 different steeds inluding 3 quest-only steeds
* 14 scripture quests
* 10 land races including 2 marathons
* 7 labyrinth races
* 3 hippodrome races
* 2 relay races

A great amount of research has been invested into the game to create an immersive history experience that is as accurate as possible within the limitations of our technology. And for those who wish to persue spiritual enlightenment and experience this as a Christian game there are Scripture quests based on the King James Version of the Bible as originally planned as the foundation of the game. Players will be able to travel backwards in the time of Biblical history through visions and dreams.

System Min.Requirements:-

Windows Xp Recommended
Processor – 2 Ghz
RAM: 2 gigs
400mb Hard Drive Space
DirectX 9c, April 2007 or newer required
Grahpics Card Support Pixel Shader Technology
* * nVidia GeForce 6 Series
* * nVidia GeForce 7 Series
* * ATI Radeon X1K series
* * Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 (Intel® GMA 3000)
Network Hardware for Multiplayer Gaming.


Preview Video:-


From the previews available, the game appears to have a nice Biblical theme associated with it. For more details and download instructions, go to


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