Jesus is condemned to death Jesus is made to carry His Cross Jesus Falls the First Time Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His Cross Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus Jesus Falls the Second Time The Women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus

Jesus Falls the Third Time Jesus is Stripped of His Garments Jesus is Nailed to the Cross Jesus is raised upon the Cross and Dies

Jesus is taken down from the Cross in the arms of His Mother Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre

Here are the 14 stations in The Way of the Cross in pictures. Each picture given above shows them in the order of occurrence during the Way of the Cross on Calvary. Also go to the way of the Cross with meditations.

It is very important that we pray the way of the Cross in this Holy Week to remember how our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of ours. The significance of the stations of the cross can be found at Why should we pray the Stations of the Cross?