Jesus Face Paintings

Jesus Face Paintings - They make the 31st set of Jesus Christ wallpapers in TBTG.

See the 16 Jesus Face Paintings given right above. Click on any thumbnail image to see them in 1000×786 resolution. You can save them to your computer and easily set them as your desktop wallpaper. You can see that many of them differ only in the background image and Jesus face in many of them is the same painting.

Choose an oil painting of Jesus face considering the background image that comes with it.

Once again we thank astrogems website for all these oil paintings of Christ’s face. These images are provided free of charge as wallpapers by They are not good print quality as they are only 72 dpi resolution. They are only to be used for wallpaper desktop screen backgrounds. We recommend them to you as they have a huge collection of Jesus face paintings and you can even buy the frames/posters from there.

More Jesus Christ Wallpapers Here:-



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