Jesus Christ Widescreen Wallpapers

Jesus Christ widescreen wallpapers in HD are given above. All the above wallpapers of Jesus are widescreen ones so that they will be ideal for your widescreen monitor desktops. Click on any thumbnail above to see the full size image. Right-click on the full size image and save it to your home computer.

Nowadays, our normal monitors are getting replaced by widescreen ones at a very fast rate. Many 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 monitor resolutions are becoming more and more common now. Some examples are 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768,  1152×864,  1280×960,  1400×1050,  1600×1200,  2048×1536,  3200×2400,  4000×3000,  6400×4800 etc. Because of the continued requests from our readers for widescreen wallpapers of Jesus Christ, we are hereby providing 24 Jesus Christ wide screen wallpapers in High Definition for free here.

If your monitor resolution is still different from these wallpapers we have provided here, please let us know by commenting under this article. We will provide the correct resolution wallpaper for your widescreen screen. Keep checking the wallpaper section in TBTG so that you will not miss our next set of Jesus Christ widescreen wallpapers in HD.

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  1. Harm wrestling (Jesus Christ Widescreen Wallpapers 05 ) wallpaper is not suppose to be published. Touching our lord jesus’s hand is not simple. delete the wall paper immediately. well we made so much sin already with our human life and devils are not even stand a chance to gods foot. please take that photo out imm as my request. i can can’t see that wall papers with my eyes. all the other wall papers are great. appreciate your effort …. :)

  2. Hello All, who have involved in discovering the website it’s very beautiful. i whole heartily appreciate the people who have done this great job by uploading our LORD our Savior Christ’s pictures !!! i would also request you the same to please take away the photo of arm wrestling.

  3. well i was just searching for the Lord’s wallpapers and suddenly clicked to this site, i appreciate the collection of the Lord Jesus Christ and found that some of the wallpapers are very rare and can not be found easily.

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