A Prayer For Healing

A Prayer for Healing

At the dawning of this new day
let it begin with you,
our Saviour and redeemer.
In our weakness
be our strength.
In our stumbling
be our guide.
In our brokenness
be our healing.
In our darkness
be our light,
at the dawning of this
and every new day.

At the closing of this new day,
let it end with you,
our life and our Salvation.
In our anxiety
be our peace.
In our doubting
be our truth.
In our pain
be our comfort.
In our restlessness
be our sleep,
at the closing of this
and every new day.

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1 thought on “A Prayer For Healing”

  1. i want God to bless me financially,i have been going through a very difficult financial problem. i need money for my school and also money for my hostel fee. i don’t want to sin against God by going in for men for money so i want u to help me pray to God for his intervention. i have to go back to school by June. i know his is a miracle working God. he has done it for my forefathers and he will do it for me too.

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