Video : Message From God For You

This video contains a message from God for you! No matter who you are and what you’ve done, God wants you to hear this. I love the way it simplifies everything, not so much religion and doctrine, but just the straight gospel and what God requires from us.

Remember when you surrender your sins to God, not to forget to surrender all your self effort in trying to live a holy life too. We as Christians need to stop doing something God never said we could and have faith that we are saved completely apart from the law. When we have this mind set, Satan loses his power over us and we are freed from the bondage of works salvation and enter into God’s power of defeating all our sins by his power and his power only!

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  1. Explains everything, I have updated in FB for my friends to know the truth. Friends who read this message do not keep it to yourself. Let others know so that you can be fruitful you can get blessings from the Lord

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