Yours Lovingly

Yours Lovingly

Think whether we use words with meaning.

Many a times we might have come across these words or we have used these words. Because of the frequent use of these words, this has lost its colour and charm and also its soul. They have become hallow words. They are mere worn out words without an atom of sincerity in them.

When did we become familiar with these words? From our schooldays onwards. Our teachers might have taught us the format of letter writing. There we have studied such usages as yours lovingly, yours obediently, yours trustworthy and so on. During those days, we never understood the real meaning of such words as love, obedience and trustworthiness. When we grew up also, we never tried to contain the true spirit of these words.

When we write ‘yours lovingly’ does it touch or does it come out of our heart? Love is really something which is latent in our personality. It is the gift from God for God is love. It must gracefully ooze out from us with sincerity. In the present day world, we usually pretend that we love somebody.

Love is a kind of sharing. Sharing always leads us to generosity. A selfish person can never be generous and he cannot love somebody really. But everybody wants to get love from others. “If you love those who love you what reward have you” (Mt. 5:46). We are not ready to feel for others. Really we do not contain their pains. We cannot go down to their life-situations, their sufferings, sickness, wants, adversities and struggles. We can expect returns only when we give. But in the divine sense, “the measure you give will be the measure you get and still more be given you” (Mk. 4:24).

Frequently we say that ‘God is love’. So love contains all the graces of God.

When we open our heart for others, our light fisted attitude towards others gets loosened. We become charitable. Luke 6:31 says, ‘as you wish that men would do to you, do so to them.’ When we become charitable, our problems will disappear from our lives. There is bickering in all our surroundings. There is no understanding among the family members even. All are complaint boxes. Nobody is satisfied with what is given to them by God’s grace. We are not satisfied with our financial situations, physical appearance, family setup, marriage relations, the education which we got and the professional status. We compare ourselves with others and discontentment looms large in our lives.

Make Jesus our model. Follow His foot-steps, obey His commandments and tell always to Him, ‘Yours Lovingly’.

– – – written by E.C. James

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