Jesus Christ Wallpaper Backgrounds

Jesus Christ wallpaper backgrounds are given above. This set has some more desktop background pictures of Jesus Christ. These images are of very large dimensions, so they are ideal to be set as wallpapers. More and more wallpaper backgrounds of Jesus will be uploaded shortly. Click on the thumbnails for the original image.

Setting any wallpaper on our PC is a simple choice. Many adorn their desktops with wallpapers of superstars from the film industry. Many others use just natures beautiful scenes as wallpaper backgrounds. But we strongly suggest you to use Jesus Christ wallpaper backgrounds for your PC or computer, so that you can always see your savior in the background whenever you are on your computer and believe me, this itself, will cause a lot of bad thoughts to go away from your highly imaginative mind.

Get above images as Mobile Wallpapers of Jesus

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  1. cher jesus. christ mon nom is jeanne danielle et je vous demande de aider a comprendre mon cours de mathematique et je vous demande de me donne l’imterigence et je vous demande de me pardone pour mes peche et je vous demande d’etre avec moi a l’ecole et a la maison et partour je vous demande d’etre a mes cote chaque jour et je vous demande de priere avec moi chaque jour par ce que je sais vous etre la seul qui peut m’ t’aime jesus mercie pour tous.

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    Dear jesus. christ jeanne my name is Danielle and I ask you to help understand my math class and I ask you to give me the imterigence and I ask you to forgive me for my sins and I ask you to be with me the school and home and partour I ask you to be my code every day and I ask you to pray with me every day by what I know you be the only one who can listen. I love you thank jesus for all.

  2. Hello, i am a christian who loves King Jesus; gotta say- some of those pictures are crap and should be taken off the site…maybe just the one- jesus-christ-king-0205

    working for his glory! Thanks
    besides that, keep up the good work!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks … but i dont think some of them are crap…

    Just look at the post views 11685 for this post just now…tht says a lot friend and tht says these images are all good..

    Georgy N Joseph

  4. Sorry ‘crap’ is kinda rude. It’s just that they’re very unrealistic. I think we should at least have real-looking photos right? The first thing is that Jesus is not british. Not even american. he’s Jewish. The second thing is that Jesus is not weak. Only in his torture and death was Jesus’ body weaker, but all the other time and now He is Strong and incredibly powerful! These pictures don’t portray that well at all..

  5. I think all pictures are good. We’ve all never meet Jesus before as human in the past but I believe we know him right now. My point is…maybe God wants to say something with us with those pictures. May The Grace of God be with You all.

  6. I no JESUS is king. Thank the web site for pramoting him. The world is trying to take him out of everything GODLY. We don’t deserve him . But pray he comes before it gets worse. Look forward to kissing our lords feet in heaven. Thank you 4 website. Ken.

  7. This is such a good and inspiring work you are doing.It has really moved me spiritually.May God bless the your life.

  8. praise the lord Romans 12:11 says ” Never be lazy in showing such devotion be on fire with the sprit , serve the lord.”

  9. See Georgy, you are doing the right thing, do not be discouraged ok? Whether they called it craps or not, it’s no crap to me. They are pictures that represent Jesus Christ… You are doing the work of He that sent you (Jesus Christ) Matthew 28: 19-20… Keep it up Bro.

  10. Gregory you’re doing a GREAT job putting these pictures on the site! Don’t let anyone tell you different. Keep up the good work! These are all AWESOME!!!

  11. gregory, nice picture u r having but i’m desperate for a picture of Jesus sitting on the throne as a king of kings…gloriously.. is it possible for to get it? i want to do an altar in my house? i’m a protestant and our teaching basically dont encourage protestant to keep jesus picture. some stupid pastors worried tat we might worship the paper.. but i still want. when i see the picture of jesus as a king gloriously, i want to remind my self to worry free. pls help brother gregory… :)

  12. @ an age so young , a blessed call yo way, is indeed a seal of GOD’S marvellous promises in yo life, to fulfill HIS plans here on earth.. open yo ears.eyes,mouth,heart,soul,mind,body&spirit to HIM.. the rest of all impurities will vanish under HIS COMMAND..
    WUD KP U HELD IN MA PARYRS Georgy. Am glad in gettin introduced to one of GOD’S handmaid.. thank u EESHOAPACHA.. i thnk U so mch.

  13. Praise the Lord Georgy!! I liked the pics very much.Carry on with your work.May GOD bless you. I’ll pray for you.Byeeeee…..

  14. hi any one help me ..i want jesus image in front of christian devotional album blue one (this site). But need to have heart pic inside. if any one have it, pls send to my mail…that sparkling eyes, jesus with holy heart.

  15. hey! those pictures are so real and do represent jesus christ perfectly but he did not wore a clothes when he was a live bt who knows that his not wering them now and am not saying that its wrong on contrair he deserves it hes our lord<3 and IF he didnt wore those clothes we would like to put them on him to honor him ! that the least that we can do! always faithfull lord<3<3

  16. god bless all of you! love the picture.. jesus is our friend and savoir! hes in everyones hearts, never forget him and lets pray for him to come back so we can kiss his feet!

  17. oh my jesus pls forgive my sin and am searching a job in abroad but still now it wasnot realized because of my sin. pls hear a good news 2 me am pleasing u god

  18. That’s very admirable pictures. Though, for us believers of Jesus Christ who never see the real image of our God. By these pictures, we can imagine the holiness of Jesus and remember His acts when He save us from our sins.

  19. many are modern -day christian hypocrites and religeous demons play jesus and god disciples when they are not, and not holy disciples, you must called, chosen , faithful , obey , keep the commandements, jesus and god’s words being doer of them everday , barefruit for the kingdom, sowing seed, and living a holy life, being seperated from the wordly lust, holy ghost filled to be born-again and be lead by the spirit of god- into truth , righteousness, holiness, judgement , those that live holy and godly will suffer prosecution, a few will be saved, the rest are just playing church, fasle doctrines, bible worshippers of satan, and dead bones. liars, fornicating with the wordly lust-and deceived and being decieved, going to a devil’s hell, amd then off to lake of fire, to be destroyed,forever.

  20. How can someone say some of those pictures are crap? Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us for we know not what we say. Amen.

    God bless you Georgy for the wonderful works. May the angels of King Jesus Christ defend you all the days of your life. Amen.


  21. Praise the Lord “Your heavenly FATHER already knows all your needs, and HE will give you all you need from day to day if you live for HIM and make the kingdom of GOD your primary concern.” Matthew 6:32,33. Yes it is true. Plz live for only our heavenly FATHER. Mr. Georgy brother you done a good job. God bless u

  22. soy Gabriel te amamos siempre abrazo cuidarte hermoso jesus

    Spanish to English>>

    Gabriel I love you always take care beautiful jesus hug

  23. Hi,
    I love these images of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I feel blessed because in my real life I never saw the image of God but, through this I am able to discern that every moment of my life I feel Jesus who always goes with me and reminds me how bless I am that I have Him in my life..

  24. Jesus the son of GOD. He helps me always. He is the king of king. I trust on him……….I love you JESUS!
    Pray for my sins………Thank you for everything ……………

  25. these are definitly wonderful pictures.we are lifted up to see the word being spread without fear…thank so much….

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