Jesus Mobile Wallpapers – Set 02

Jesus Mobile Wallpapers – Set 02 is here in TBTG site.

In the second set of mobile wallpapers, we have 12 images of Jesus Christ in mobile dimensions so that you can set any of the above image as your mobile wallpaper. The 3 steps remain the same.

1. Click on the desired image from the thumbnails above

2. Right click and save the full size mobile image that is then presented to you

3. Transfer the image from computer to your mobile handset using a data cable

Anyway I wont be repeating the above steps in the future mobile wallpaper sets as now you know how to do it.

Another method to get the pictures in your mobile is just take this page URL through your mobile HTML browser and click on any thumbnail image to see the full sized mobile image on your handset screen. Then you can just save it on your handset itself to set it later as your mobile wallpaper.

Many more sets of Jesus Mobile Wallpapers are on the way. So stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Jesus Mobile Wallpapers – Set 02”

  1. I was so happy to see all the positive information on this web site and especially the prayer posted for the people of Japan; We are all gods people, We all should pray and use prayer for our inner strength for ourselves, and others.

  2. i’m beginner to follow the laws of jesus. but i feel, jesus listen our problems soon & solve it in a very nice manner. so i suggest every one to pray jesus with whole heartedly. jesus is listening u and help u in each & every path of ur life. but it is necessary that ur heart must be away from evil thoughts.

  3. Hi,
    I Daid Ajuolachi , Dcruxd , love jesus and He is my very best friend i ever had , He is my saviour , my friend and my everything i could ever think about, He make my ways of prosperitie, and jobs opportunities opon for my and i have it all , He also lead me into Good Music writting , singing, and He gave me the best knowledge, wisdom, and understanding , He let me know the best way to survive in this world. He healed me from sickness, He granted me strength and power to move on with my life and happiness,
    He is my very best friend, and i love He love Him for He lives in me as He bless me more, and my Son Damian Derek.

  4. Hi guys there; I’m very grateful to have this in my site thank you very much for your ideas. Thanks Happy Ngobeni.

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