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virgin mary pic with jesus in hands virgin mary pic church

Here are some more Virgin Mary pictures. Mother Mary was born sin-free through immaculate conception in the womb of her mother. These images are of very large dimensions, so they are ideal to be set as wallpapers. More and more pics of Virgin Mary will be uploaded shortly. Click on the thumbnails for the original image.

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  1. Hello… just want to point out that one of the pictures you have for Mama Mary (virgin mary 0201) is not mama mary. She is a nun to whom Jesus appeared – St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was Jesus’ instrument for the propagation to Sacred Heart of Jesus. The reason why she is holding a cloth with a Sacred Heart. Thanks and God bless.

  2. Who said mary was sin less person. Bible says every human sinned. Mary is totally a woman. She was a good lady. She feared God n obeyed His laws. She is a good lady ever. V cant found a lady lik mary. But she is not worthy for praises or worships. It only belongs to God. He wont share His glory wit any one. Dont make ur life in a sinful condition. Its Jesus who died for us on th cross not mary. She is only a carrier of Jesus. Als she was so so good in all ways. But we cant say tat she is immaculate or sin less person. Tats totally rubbish. Dont grieve our Holy spirit. Pls……. Read bible n see truths. Dont belive wat pope says. He can tel wat ever he wants. Believe wat bible says. Pls……. Understand our Jesus…

  3. These are very beautiful photos of our mother .I feel very sorry for the pitiful person that posted previously about our dear mother .If he calls himself a christian and going to heaven .I’m sure Jesus will love to hear all these things he sadly said about his mother. I know i would not want to be this person .What man would not defend his precious mother .I’m sure it please’s jesus for us to love and honor his mother and father !

  4. @Rosa Maria – it is so sad your name is Maria but you dont know our Mother, she is the greatest mother of all peoples in this world. She is not a nun, she bore our saviour Jesus Christ!
    @Pebe – Mary is not worshiped by Catholics. but we venerate her as the mother of our saviour Jesus Christ!

    to you who believe, no explanation is needed, to those of you who do not believe, no explanation is enough. may you be enlightened of what you believe. :)

  5. Mary is above all the Angels, Saints and potential Saints. The Arcangel Gabriel bowed down to her and greeted her in a way that was very very special this is part of the reason we know she is sinless. Even Calvin and Luther had tremendous veneration for the Vigin Mary and as far as I know the dogma of her Immaculate conception was believed by all christians before and after the reformation. It was later when anti-Catholics began using criticism of us to justify their split from the full deposit of Faith. And now an avalanche of christion churches are here and have weakened the foundation of the Church. But the Foundation is on Rock and it shall not perish is what I believe.

  6. God Chose Mother Mary. Even after being chosen as the Mother of Jesus she did not claim any right or privilege. There would be no such woman like her on this earth so patient & Faithful. Mother Mary is the first disciple of God. Jesus is the Way [Mediator]& Mother Mary is its Entrance [Mediatrix].She guides us and Leads us to Jesus.A mighty Women,Ark of Covenant and a protecting Mother to All Alike.

  7. Nowhere in the bible does it say that Mary was sinless,nor does it say that she was born through emmaculate conception.

    (Luke 2:22-24) When the time of their purification according to the Law of Moses had been completed, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord She must also bring to the priest a lamb for a burnt offering and a dove for a SIN offering. The priest will then offer them to the Lord to make atonement for her.

    As you can see from this scripture Mary had to bring a sin offering to the priest.

    Luke 1:30
    And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary for thou hast found favour with God.

    She found favor with God,this did not make her holy.

  8. The answer to Mary’s purification according to law of Moses is in Jesus’s baptisam.Why did he get baptised by John if he was sinless?

  9. Mary, He was emphasizing that to become a part of the body of Christ one has to be baptized.

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