Virgin Mary Assumption Pictures

All the pics above are Virgin Mary Assumption Pictures. Do you know the difference between Assumption and Ascension?

“Assumption” means here “to be taken up” body and soul to Heaven. It is not Ascension, like Jesus, done by his own power, but Assumption done by the power of God. It is something God did for her, not something she did herself. It is a gift of God as a result of Christ’s redemptive power applied to Virgin Mary. The Dogma says, “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son’s Resurrection”.

The Assumption of Mary was God’s way of finishing the job he started at Mary’s Immaculate Conception, redeeming her body from the effects of sin as well.

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  1. Brother Prayer for us.
    I in my samll year sufuuring sin of Homosaxuality. But last three yeare i turn away from my Evil. By the Grace of Our Lord Jesus. Now i am diccieded to mary with Girl and I chooce one. IPleas Pray for su and aske the Help our Loving God forgive My sins and give me right Patha in His Love.
    Jay. Jesus I LOve you dont forget me and My All brothers thoes Trust in you.

  2. I was looking for a download – a Novena for our Mother Perpetual – in Malayalam. But not able to find it. May be you can make one !!!

  3. hi,
    dear kamble Iam so happy for you its people like u who can make this world a better place when we repent for our sins thats our first step to go towards a happy life where God chooses only blessings for us
    for me u are amazing human who have really made a big difference for those people who always try to run away from themselves and start to act wat they r not
    may god bless you and always pray Rosary and pray for others
    God bless you

  4. Dear FR/Sister/Sir/mdm

    i am the beliver of mother mary i want to pray for the poors who are all not having enough money who are all suffering without money staying in the platform please pray for low class people who is suffering without any thing
    the world people should not suffer all the people shoule be as same as a middle class people i am very much found of helping the poor
    helping the poor we will be satisfied some what
    now at present stage i am not having any fund to help the poor once i helped on that time i had a good money i helped the poor now i am dry
    i had sold out my land house every thing and helped the poor i want to become as a older where i got the moey and again i want to help the poor for that i need a prayer to come as where i can help the poor this time i have to some what carefull what are the amount i am going to get i will give 10% to church and 30% to help poor and to be maintained for future helping this is my ambition please pray for doing good things to the poor and survey the mother mary name in the world

  5. Check out the 5th century Greek text and English translation of “The Assumption of the Virgin
    Mary.” It’s the last entry on my website.

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