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Jesus Christ animated wallpaper set is here. Check out these 12 animated Jesus GIF images. Its very hard to find good animated pictures of Jesus Christ on the Internet or web. Here are a few to help you out. Click on  any of the above thumbnails to see the original animated GIF image.

Pictures of Jesus are all good and nice. But I feel that when the pictures are moving or changing on their own, then those pictures will be more attractive to the ones seeing it. But unfortunately such images of Christ are very less and not easily available.

Jesus animated images you see here are always nice to look at, rather than any boring text. But just imagine if the images are changing on their own? Then it will be a wonderful scene, right? For this we have the GIF format files, in which the pictures have  transition in them so we call them as animated images of Jesus Christ. We all love these animated images more as they show more activity which is all we want.

More Jesus Christ Images Here:-


73 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Animated Wallpapers – Jesus GIF Images”

  1. Hey Georgy,

    Superb website and your right about how few animations of Christ and the saints are on the web keep up the good work bro God bless

  2. Hello,
    I have seed this picture as a gif file with jesus making the sign of the Cross.
    Is there any way that you can provide me with the file or direct me to a website where i may download the file my self.
    Thank you,

  3. I was lucky to watch d passion of christ today,i only wanted to say that he suferd,he was bruised,i felt ery bit of wiphip dat was stroked on if christains culd not batl to save a man that cared for them in times of pain,sicknes n so on.left alone to help him carry his cross d way he helped dem in times of thier need i mst say that d lord shuld forgive us..if u notice wit me u wuld c dat muslims who do nt even have a written religion serve who dey dnt no mre than we christain that new christ n how hw came n sufered for us.mst christains would wake up in d mrnin n find it tired to pray bt a muslim will pray mrnin aftrnoon n night.plz jesus is lord for ever.

  4. May God shower his blessings upon you more and more for making this site available for those who seek the Lord. You are a such an inspiration and I can see how the Lord works through you through the thoughts and prayers which you have made available here. It such a inspirational site.
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  5. I love all the wallpapers. you’re doing an awesome work. I share the pictures with others keep upthe good work.


  6. I love these pics and use them all the time, but can you tell me how to save them so they will be animated in PowerPoint?

  7. Hi Sandy,

    I hope for that you have the Microsoft Powerpoint in your computer sysytem. Then just save these pics to your PC by right clicking on the full image and select ‘save image as’. Now you have the picture and the tool to animate it.

    Go ahead and try out your imagination, by editing the pics with animation in powerpoint. Any doubt, mail me.

    God Bless You
    Georgy N Joseph

  8. This is an incredible site! Glory to Jesus Christ! And blessings to all involved!

    What are the guidelines for using any of the works? I’m very sensitive to “copyright” and want to be sure just what is okay and what is not!

    May the Lord be glorified and others come to know Him through the work done here in Jesus Name!

  9. Hi JoAnne,

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation. God Bless You too.

    You are free to use any of the works here, provided you put a link back to the corresponding source page here in our website.

    Blessings to you
    Georgy N Joseph

  10. First and foremost i wd like to thank almighty god The Lord Jesus Christ….This is very beautiful website may god bless you…..all
    By god’s grace,i have learned how to create animated gifs in adobe photoshop….all these gifs are so nice to watch….i too will create animated gifs of jesus christ to show my love to beloved god jesus christ

  11. Thanks for the Jesus in GIF format.
    It’s really usefull for me to teach the Sunday School and others.
    I pray for you, may our Lord Jesus bless you, and give you more wisdom.
    I use your picture to teach people about Jesus, and I believe God also give you rewards.
    Please read Matthew 10:42 and Mark 9:41.
    Thank you, God bless you

  12. Oh it was really wonderful to visit this website Georgy really u hav done a great Job. Iwas searching for hindi christian songs and i came here I Thank Lord for this oppurtunity.

  13. Hi to everyone,

    I Raja Sekhar Ponnamalla searching for a software job…Our beloved god:The Lord Jesus Christ has done so many miracles in my life…actually He has given everything…in my life..still doing miracles in my life….I decided to live in right way…But,you know what…frankly speaking,I am not able to follow…because this world is very attracting…I know,this is temporary…If i sacrifice everything and follow the God….Then god will give anything and we will go to heaven undoubtedly….so,i am trying ….trying …trying….one fine day i will become a real christian…and success came to me….so,be prayerful…jesus is always great…..I will pray for the members of this website,creators…and everyone who visited this…god bless you….aand i hope you too pray for me….praise the lord

  14. Frist and foremost thank-you Lord Jesus Christ
    for this ooh so beautiful website. I fell in love w/your website I would love to be able to download to my computer,love to find out if there is any way to be able to print them .I’m a Catholic and a cursillitas.I belong to a group of ladies our name is { Las Manos del Amo } we do palancas to our new candidates that come and live there Cursillo. We give images as these pictures as also other items
    of our LORD !! Thank-you may God Bless You.

  15. Oh my Gosh I love all these wonful pictures of Jesus Christ they are so GREAT 2 look at and rember him by I Love them a lot!
    Love Cheyenne

  16. hi iam V.R.TEJA.

  17. praise the LORD,
    this website is marvelous,
    may the good LORD bless the hands the people who update the site

  18. GOD is first today & forever. AMEN
    LORD JESUS U r the real savior today & forever. If u will All viewer say AMEN!
    GOD Bless the hands the people who update the site.AMEN

  19. hi…ol glory to god hu came 2 earth,livd among his people,died 4 his people’s sin………….each pic speaks tousands f words…lvd thm ol….plz frns du pray 4 me as ma parents r searchin a partner 4 me..thanx….

  20. “I will make you the everlasting pride
    and the joy of all generations.”
    —-Isaiah 60:15—-

  21. Thanks a lot for this free site that helps to grow in the way of the Lord. May God continue to help you and give you more vision to save this dying generation.

  22. jesu baba app ne humko savi rogo se canga kiya iske liye may apne man tan sarer se app aur maa mareyam ko danieawad deta hu.he maa maream baba jesu ek binti mare pure kar anita aur sujeet ko ak payara sa bacca de vagwan may anjan me hue galti ko suykar karta hu


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