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September 11th, 2010

Book : The Pursuit of the Holy

The Pursuit of the Holy

Book : The Pursuit of the Holy by Simon Ponsonby

Simon Ponsonby gives fresh perspective to God’s invitation to “be holy as I am holy”

Can a godless society be expected to become godly without seeing what godliness is? Are Christians today willing to live their lives in such a way that they reflect God’s holiness? Simon Ponsonby’s The Pursuit of the Holy: A Divine Invitation tells the story of a holy God seeking friends among the unholy and bringing life to those who, left to themselves, would miss out completely on the joy of His promises. Ponsonby begins by looking at God’s essential and unique holiness and what it means for us as sinful human beings.

When we learn that God is actually moving towards us and not away from us, the command to ‘be holy as I am holy’ becomes reachable.

First, we need to understand what it means to be holy. The Bible uses the word holy in context with other words such as cleanliness, purity, blamelessness, glory, righteousness, godliness, and trustworthiness. These words provide a starting point for Christ-followers to understand the invitation to reflect God’s holiness and the fullness of what it means in our relationship with God. Ponsonby states that holiness is a way of behaving that is determined by the being of God—a life that becomes like the God who possesses holiness.

Rather than unattainable perfection, Ponsonby encourages others to understand that our pursuit of holiness is a life-long transformation process that is not only desirable but is also an exciting opportunity and offer placed before us to go for it. Holiness is a supremely positive word that reflects God’s desire to restore His children into His likeness. Moses and Isaiah are two characters Ponsonby uses to provide vivid windows into God’s restoration process. Careful study and examination of these men and their encounters with God reveal many things about the divine characteristics of God’s holiness:

* God’s holiness doesn’t preclude His visitation to sinners.
* God’s holiness doesn’t negate His revelation to sinners.
* God’s holiness doesn’t eliminate His desire to communicate with and show compassion for sinners.
* God’s holiness won’t destroy us if we repent of our sinfulness.
* God is gracious, forgiving, and cleansing, removing sin in an instant.
* God will employ us in His service, despite past failure, if we will only say, “Here I am.”

God was separated from evil. God isn’t darkness. God is light. God doesn’t lie. God is truth. In these examples, we can see that God doesn’t mingle good with evil, but He is wholly and completely separated from impurity. So in this regard, holiness is to be pure and separate from evil.

For God, holiness simply means to be separate from evil. For He is the great Creator, and there’s no impurity in Him: to be separate and distinct from evil is enough for holiness. Yet for the Christian, it takes on a slightly different form: we are to derive our holiness from Christ’s holiness. And so in this way, holiness becomes a slightly different goal.

If Christ is our holiness, then we have but one goal: to devote our mind and body to God’s using, and to separate ourselves from the uncleanness that is in the world. Holiness is a singleness of purpose. Yet this is true only insofar as the purpose that we are channeled towards is holy: this can only come from Jesus Christ.

Ponsonby wants people to understand the grace and mercy of God’s invitation to holiness. He writes that once we understand this, we will no longer desire to live as we once lived, as sinners. Instead, we will desire to live like God. “God-likeness, conformity to His character, is a pilgrimage, a journey made together. We are to walk and work with one another as a family of God’s children,” Ponsonby states. This pilgrimage is not one of subservient creatures before their Creator, neither of soldiers before their commanding officer, but of sons and daughters and lovers of God.

To be holy is to be fully alive, fully human, and whole, as God intended.

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September 11th, 2010

New Jesus Movie : Jesus… No Greater Love

New Jesus Movie

Jesus… No Greater Love is a non-profit outreach ministry, being produced in the same way as any ministry – believers like you and me joining in support to bring the love of Jesus to precious souls. United in giving with Christians from every nation, culture and denomination, we will form a body of producers, 4.5 million strong, each giving only $10, to bring Jesus to the screen in a world class film. This is the vision of Jesus… No Greater Love. “Everyone who was willing and whose heart stirred in him, came and brought an offering to the Lord for the work…” Exodus 35:21.

Download the Jesus movie poster here : New Jesus Movie Poster

Why another Jesus film?

Many great Jesus films have been produced over the years, and God has used them all for His glory. There are several focuses that make Jesus… No Greater Love unique and vital. To list only a few, our vision is to bring the Gospel story to film afresh using the latest cutting edge, big screen technology – to truly create a Jesus movie for a new generation of highly sophisticated film-goers.

Also, where Jesus films generally focus on the gospel events, Jesus… No Greater Love focuses on a revelation of “The Man” – his heart and person, impassioned, joyous, relevant, brimming with kingdom authority, driven “on a mission of redemptive love” – the Jesus of Scripture.

Who will be the Producer and Director?

Bruce Marchiano is our current writer/producer. Once funding is underway we will begin interviewing prospective directors as well as co-producer(s) to solidify the team.

Our Vision

Our vision, quite simply, is to bring Jesus – His love, His compassion, His deity and promise of salvation – to masses both nationally and internationally in a film that is Word-for-word the Gospel. In other words, “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16) presented in the power of the film medium.

We are not making a “Christian movie” per se, but a state-of-the-art film that will pack theaters with the unsaved. To that end, Jesus… No Greater Love will be shot using the most cutting-edge film technology and techniques, so that it will stand as world class cinema, truly a Jesus movie “for a new generation.”

Our vision beyond theaters is to dub the film into the languages of the world, make it easily available to ministries, missionaries, churches… in all nations. It will be a cutting edge “tool” to introduce Jesus to hungry souls from all walks of life – and at the same time, to capture the hearts of our young, “seen-it-all” generation.

Imagine Jesus coming to theater screens all across America, Canada, UK. Imagine Jesus coming to the theater screens of New Dehli, Saudi Arabia – Israel! Imagine Jesus coming via Internet, TV broadcast, hand-held devices… This is the vision of Jesus… No Greater Love – a “movement” in which we all unite to take Jesus to souls that need him!

Are you ready to donate? Go to the donate page.

September 9th, 2010

Passionate About Jesus

Passionate About Jesus

Are you passionate about Jesus? Anyone calling you a Jesus Freak?

How long can you walk with Neil Armstrong without talking about the moon? I am sure he will be passionate about the moon. He was the first man to step foot on the moon.

There are passionate people in this world. Some are passionate about Jesus. Some call them “Jesus freaks”. Some call them “fundamentalists”. Some call them “religious conservatives”. I do not agree with any of them.

They are just people passionately loving their Father in heaven. I loved my father. He was and is still my all time hero. I remember as a child, nobody will ever say a mean word about my father in my presence. They knew that I loved my father passionately. Am I fanatic for loving my father?

Passionate Christians love Christ like a child loving his father.

They talk about Him all the time. They think about Him. They commune with Him. When the father is hurt, you are hurt. When the father is happy you are happy. You will move mountains for your father. You will tell raging sees to calm down. You will face shipwrecks for your father.

You will walk in the valley of the shadow of death for your father. You will take humiliation for your father. You will take beatings for your father. It is just a family affair, the love of a father and a son! It is as simple as that.

Tie your belt and run like Elijah. Can you hear the sound of abundant rain? It is coming. It is coming. The torrential downpour of the Holy Spirit is falling on the hills and the valleys. Parched lands will be flooded with his Spirit. The prophets of doom will die. The God of Elijah will triumph.

So are you not yet passionate about Jesus? Its time……

– – – written by Dr. Jacob C Tony, USA

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