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September 5th, 2010

E-book : The Kneeling Christian

The Kneeling Christian

Download : The Kneeling Christian E-book

Click the link above to download “The Kneeling Christian” (150 KB) eBook by an Unknown Christian

About Kneeling Christian eBook :-

The most influential book on Prayer I’ve ever read. The chapters are :

Chapter 5: WHAT IS PRAYER?
Chapter 6: HOW SHALL I PRAY?
Chapter 7: MUST I AGONIZE?
Chapter 12: WHO MAY PRAY?

Kneeling Christian Review:

This small book is big on the theology of prayer. But it isn’t written in a text book manner. Instead, this “unknown Christian” simply goes to the Scripture and points out to the reader how important prayer is to the life of a believer. The first chapter alone gets your attention. In it the author states that a person’s greatest regret, once in heaven, will be to look back and wonder why he or she didn’t pray more. When a person realizes how much can be gained by praying, it should astound us that we don’t do it more.

This is one of the few books I own that is such a classic that I read it every year. It never grows old, because its message is truly timeless. I highly recommend it to new and older Christians of every persuasion!

This book examines the concept of prayerlessness in the Christian community of its day – and in looking at the promises of God in the Gospel of John, the author reaches some conclusions on why Christians don’t pray and why, many times, it appears that God does not answer. The book is not for the faint at heart – this anonymous Christian writer, most likely an Anglican clergyman named Albert Richardson, is very, very serious about the issue of prayer. His closing comment in the book is this:

Prayer is our highest privilege, our gravest responsibility, and the greatest power God has put in our hands. Prayer, real prayer, is the noblest, the sublimest, the most stupendous act that any creature of God can perform.

And with this sentiment, the author points out that the problem with prayer isn’t God – it’s man! Prayerlessness stems not from God’s inaction or inability, but rather from man’s apathy, lack of discipline or even sin that hinders his prayers. The author also introduces the reader to some wonderful men and women of the faith who were prayer warriors – and this is done in an encouraging way that challenges all Christians to take this spiritual discipline more seriously.

Overall The Kneeling Christian is a very good read – it would make a great gift to a Christian friend wanting to deepen their prayer life and walk with the Lord – but read it first yourself!

September 1st, 2010

Palm Tree Christians

Palm Tree Christians

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree… (Ps. 92:12).

How meaningless this statement is by the psalmist, unless you are acquainted with palm trees. People who live in tropical and semi-tropical areas are so familiar with their graceful towering beauty, they are a very common tree to them. But I am sure that few realize what meanings the characteristics of this stately tree have.

The first simile is life. The life of this tree comes through its center or heart. Just as all the other trees, it draws its moisture up through its roots from the earth. But instead of the sap going up on the outside between the bark and wood of the tree, and so on up into the branches and twigs, as is true in most other trees, in the palm tree the sap goes up the very heart of the tree. Most trees can be killed by simply severing the bark completely around the tree about an inch or two. The life of the palm however, does not lie so close under the surface, and is not affected by surface injury.

The same applies to “Palm-tree Christians.” The Word of God states this so aptly in Romans 10:10, “For with the heart man believes unto righteousness.” A “palm-tree Christian” is not affected by outward environment, but draws his life and strength through the heart.

The palm tree is perennially green. Life flows within its being continually. Those who are considered ‘Palm-tree Christians’ never change. They are the same vibrant witnesses of God’s grace day in and day out, because Jesus Christ Himself is ‘the same yesterday, today and forever.’

It is impossible to graft a palm tree into another palm tree. It will die. This is a unique characteristic for ‘palm-tree Christians’ as well. “No man can serve two masters” (Mt. 6:24). There is but one God and Him only shall you serve.

Come, let us all try to become Palm-tree Christians. 

August 10th, 2010

Christian Web TV 24/7

Cody Johnny Shelley Tony

Christian Web TV for 24 hours a day is a worldwide Christian based video ministry of Digital Video Productions of Atlanta, GA. Jason Lyell, owner of DVP for 10 years sensed God was leading him to start this ministry so that he could fully use his time, talents, and abilities for something that will further God’s kingdom. We now have 24/7 christian web tv channels.

God aligned all the right partnerships, technologies, and talented individuals to form a 24/7 Christian based web TV channel, multiple ministry VOD channels, and a mobile site that, all combined, will allow users via computer, iPhones, or iPads to view Christian based content at any time or place around the world.

Desired mission of Stream4Truth:

1) To reach the lost souls worldwide using video, the web, and mobile technologies.

2) Offer Christians a place to hang out at any point and get fed, encouraged, and challenged by some of the greatest speakers, churches, and artists of our time.

3) A place for Christian based ministries to continually broadcast their content 24/7. This is another avenue that God will use to open doors.

Watch Christian Web TV – go to Stream4truth

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