New Jesus Movie : Jesus… No Greater Love

New Jesus Movie

Jesus… No Greater Love is a non-profit outreach ministry, being produced in the same way as any ministry – believers like you and me joining in support to bring the love of Jesus to precious souls. United in giving with Christians from every nation, culture and denomination, we will form a body of producers, 4.5 million strong, each giving only $10, to bring Jesus to the screen in a world class film. This is the vision of Jesus… No Greater Love. “Everyone who was willing and whose heart stirred in him, came and brought an offering to the Lord for the work…” Exodus 35:21.

Download the Jesus movie poster here : New Jesus Movie Poster

Why another Jesus film?

Many great Jesus films have been produced over the years, and God has used them all for His glory. There are several focuses that make Jesus… No Greater Love unique and vital. To list only a few, our vision is to bring the Gospel story to film afresh using the latest cutting edge, big screen technology – to truly create a Jesus movie for a new generation of highly sophisticated film-goers.

Also, where Jesus films generally focus on the gospel events, Jesus… No Greater Love focuses on a revelation of “The Man” – his heart and person, impassioned, joyous, relevant, brimming with kingdom authority, driven “on a mission of redemptive love” – the Jesus of Scripture.

Who will be the Producer and Director?

Bruce Marchiano is our current writer/producer. Once funding is underway we will begin interviewing prospective directors as well as co-producer(s) to solidify the team.

Our Vision

Our vision, quite simply, is to bring Jesus – His love, His compassion, His deity and promise of salvation – to masses both nationally and internationally in a film that is Word-for-word the Gospel. In other words, “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16) presented in the power of the film medium.

We are not making a “Christian movie” per se, but a state-of-the-art film that will pack theaters with the unsaved. To that end, Jesus… No Greater Love will be shot using the most cutting-edge film technology and techniques, so that it will stand as world class cinema, truly a Jesus movie “for a new generation.”

Our vision beyond theaters is to dub the film into the languages of the world, make it easily available to ministries, missionaries, churches… in all nations. It will be a cutting edge “tool” to introduce Jesus to hungry souls from all walks of life – and at the same time, to capture the hearts of our young, “seen-it-all” generation.

Imagine Jesus coming to theater screens all across America, Canada, UK. Imagine Jesus coming to the theater screens of New Dehli, Saudi Arabia – Israel! Imagine Jesus coming via Internet, TV broadcast, hand-held devices… This is the vision of Jesus… No Greater Love – a “movement” in which we all unite to take Jesus to souls that need him!

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