Gifted Hands – Movie Review


Gifted Hands

Release Date: 7 February 2009
Director :  Thomas Carte
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr. as Benjamin “Bennie” Carson, Kimberly Elise as Sonya Carson, Bennie´s mother, Candy Carson as Aunnjanue Ellis, Bennie´s girlfriend/wife

It is a movie based on the life story of a neurosurgeon called Ben Carson. This story starts with a boy , unknown and unpopular in his school. He grow up with his brother and mother. His Mother taught them to lead a good christian life, to be polite and educated them. One day Bennie tells  his mother ‘I want to be a Doctor’. And she always told him that he can do the same as others but should do better than them.

Then for some reason she became sad, maybe because she was afraid about their future, she said: “I do not know how to read, I am a single mother”. But her encouragement was more than what was needed. She learned to read, and she was always very proud of her sons. Bennie had been working hard to pursue his dream (becoming a Doctor). He was the best student, he was an example of patience, He did overcome his fears. When he got to work in a hospital, he found many problems, maybe impossible to resolve for even his partners.

But he knew very clearly that for God nothing is impossible. So he was keeping on operating many people succesfuly, although in between he lost his own babies. He keeps in focus, praying every day. When he meets the siamese babies, he decides to operate them, and he started to find the right solution for them and praying hard for them. He did not want to leave the opportunity to glorify Jesus’s name. And he succeeds in the operation. All his life shows that if you trust in God, He will never fail you. Amen.

Gifted Hands – Movie Trailer

Believe in God – not in this world and what they say about you. Trust in Him. He expects you to trust Him with all your heart. Work hard. And then just wait in prayer to reap your harvest. God bless you all. Go see the movie.

– – – movie review by Flor Idalia

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  1. I have seen this movie. Rather than Dr. Ben Carson, his mother is the one who attracted me the most. It is because of her, he became such a person. It made me to think of my mother and the sacrifices she made for me.

  2. Share more movies like this which aren’t seen and encouraged more in Hollywood. Inspiring! I could tell Ben’s mom wanted to slap that teacher. I hope she was fired for that vile tirade! I also hope she lived to see the success Ben made of himself. And as soon as she finishes wiping the egg off her face, she could apologize to him.

  3. excellant movie,
    about how God can make
    something very big
    out of your life, when
    you have many blocks
    to a very good life,
    Cheryl Mason

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