Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV live online – Watch shalom tv live streaming feature available now.

The best Christian Malayalam TV Channel ‘Shalom TV’ is now ready to cater to those who are away from television screens but closer to computers and internet. Now you can watch shalom tv live streaming from internet from their website – a great feature which will bring joy to the hearts of thousands of Christian malayalees, who spend most of their time online, doing software or website related jobs.

For Watching Shalom TV Online

To watch live streaming shalom tv channel from web, you just have to do these steps.

1) Install Adobe Flash Player in your computer to play streaming online video.

2) Are you using Internet Explorer 6 or below? If so, please upgrade.

Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, & IE 8

3) Go to the official website

4) Streaming live video from Shalom tv starts automatically.

I hope all malayalees (Kerala people) will find this very useful in improving their spiritual life, staying close to God and Godly things as far as they can. Watch it friends. God Bless You.

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