Christmas Wallpapers – 16 Free Wallpapers

Christmas Wallpapers – 16 high definition free Christmas wallpapers of 1024 x 768 resolution are given above. Pick the one you love the most for your desktop wallpaper.

Yes friends, Christmas is fast approaching and We are all getting ready for the big ‘silent’ night. Its october and we have just 2 more months to get into the cold Christmas month of December. I know many of you will be starting to search for the online resources like Christmas songs, wallpapers, greetings, clipart etc.

So here we are. TBTG is officially starting the Christmas 2010 preparation today on this october day. We love to prepare a lot earlier! From today our readers will come across more Christmas oriented articles including songs, wallpapers, cards and Christmas thoughts. So stay tuned and be with us closely at least till December 25th , to get all these Christmas Gifts from TBTG in this year 2010. Merry Christmas in such advance, hehe.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Wallpapers – 16 Free Wallpapers”

  1. I was perusing your Wallpaper photos and even though I was enjoying other parts of this website I was upset to find a photo like this on…Christmas Wallpapers Free 10. I am not a prude but I seriously think this photo is out of place on a site that is supposed to be devoted to bringing others to God and His only Son, Jesus Christ. This photo does nothing but get people’s heads and hearts turned in the opposite direction.

  2. The Christmas Wallpapers Free 10, i think is out of place in this wallpaper photos. What impression does a lady almost half naked upwards got to give about Christmas?.

  3. Hi Debbie and Regina,

    Thanks a lot for pointing this out. Actually these 16 wallpapers came as a bunch so I just uploaded the full set here. Anyway you two have a point there.

    I replaced the picture with another beautiful one. Hope you will like it.

    God Bless You

  4. Georgy,

    Thank you so much for replacing the offensive wallpaper with a much nicer and better suited to a Christian community. I don’t know Regina’s thoughts but I am sure she would agree. Actually, I am sure the entire community would agree.

  5. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks a ton. It feels a lot better when friends are there to correct my silly mistakes. I expect more corrections/suggestions from you all.

    God Bless You

  6. Hi Georgy, The replacemente you chose gives a very good picture of christmas with it’s celestiale beauty. Thanks for considering our point of view.

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