The Power of Faith And Prayer

The Power of Faith and Prayer

You will have enthusiasm to the extent that God is actually present in you.

It is a universally accepted fact that prayer supported by faith can work miracles in our lives. If you work hard praying with deep faith for the attainment of any purpose, God will help you for the realization of your attempt. When your faith in God is deep enough a door seems to open and through which mighty forces that will help you and guide you will flow.

One should never face a problem assuming that there is no solution. The first step to face a problem is to seek the help of God, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight” (Prov. 3:5). Practically for every problem there is a solution. Think and pray for the strength and wisdom for getting the solution. “Those of steadfast mind, you keep in peace- in peace because they trust in you” (Is. 26:3).

Adversity and crisis are natural in everyone’s life. Our attitude to those situations are more important than the crisis itself. The only limitation for any person is the limitation one sets up in his/her own mind. “You have great potential for success, but first you must know your own mind and have your own life,” Napolean Hill, the famous American writer said. All of us can have an immense strength by the flow of power through prayer from God Almighty.

The greatest power one possesses is the power of prayer. But there are many factors which block the power of prayer. They are negative thoughts, fear, jealousy, resentment, hatred, pride etc.We should never face a problem with negative thoughts. Never assume that nothing can be done about it. Always fill our mind with hope. It is this four letter word HOPE which motivates you towards your future achievement. It impels you to overcome your depression. It enables you to fight against your adversities. It makes you believe that sooner or later bad times will become better. It brings power to make your failures success, your weakness to strength.

Dr.Vincent M. Peale the famous spiritual preacher in his book, ‘The power of plus factor’ has advised as follows; “Build hope in your philosophy. Base your life upon it. Hope that difficulties will pass. Hope that storms will cease. Hope that pain will not endure. Hope that weakness will be overcome. Hope in God. Ultimately you will find yourself saying – praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Believe that the things which are impossible with men are possible with God. As stated earlier the greatest of all forces is the power of prayer. But in order to be at the receiving end we have to humble ourselves and leave the results to God. This kind of prayer is called the prayer of self-effacement, and it unlocks the channel through which God’s power can reach the person who is praying. Until you humble yourself, give yourself and your problem to God, you will never get the answer you are seeking. “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved” (Ps. 55:22). Again the Word of God says, “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time” (1 Pet. 5:6).

God almighty has given us the capacity to think our way through any problem. The hopeful thinker projects hope and faith in the darkest situation and light it up. If your belief includes the conviction that God is for you and will help you in any adverse situation enormous power is available to you. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1).

God has created each of us with immense potentialities. The chief function of faith and belief is to realize, reveal, and develop the potentialities in each of us. Many people who are qualified to do excellent works accomplish little because they attempt little. Thousands pass as they have no mission to accomplish in life. One reason for this is that they form a low estimate of themselves. God wishes each of us to be developed, refined, sanctified, ennobled, and used in advancing the interests of His kingdom.

We should get excited about a useful purpose in life. Excitement is contagious. It makes you enthusiastic. According to R.W. Emerson nothing great was ever achieved by any one with out enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm is derived from the Greek word ‘en’ and ‘thos’ which means ‘God within.’ Real enthusiasm that comes out from deep inner source is spiritual in nature. Therefore you will have enthusiasm to the extent that God is actually present in you. Hence get full of God and your enthusiasm will rise and you will experience vitality, energy, force and effectiveness.

Actually many people are paralyzed not in their limbs but in their minds and underestimate themselves. When we cast out negative thoughts and pessimism and cultivate an attitude of optimism and enthusiasm, astonishing results are obtained. When a person is full of faith in himself and trust in God, he/she can accomplish miracles in his/her life. Dr.Vincent M. Peale in his book ‘Stay alive all your life’ has narrated a thrilling real life story of a person who was crippled at infancy winning world record in high-jump.

Both legs of Walter Davis were paralyzed at infancy. His minister planted faith in his mind. He was even unable to walk. His mother urged him every day to walk. She succeeded. He became able to walk. Later he was able even to run with his weak legs. It was his great dream to become a high-jumper. Later he married. His wife also encouraged him. She advised, “Walter, you should have the power of faith in your mind.” Inspired by the words of his wife, he tried hard and hard. At last his attainment was beyond his dreams. He became a high-jump champion with world record.

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The strength of belief is your key to self confidence. It will help you to meet and overcome any difficulty or obstacles in life.

– – – written by Dr. Philip Kudakkachira

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