How To Resist Temptation

How To Resist Temptations

Short Story

One of the disciples approached the Master with a heavy heart. When enquired of his troubled face he said, “Master, I am fed up with temptations. At each moment and every place I am tempted. I fear that I will have to leave this life of solitude and prayer due to the irresistible temptations that suppress the joy of my life.”

The Master consoled him saying, “Don’t worry my child. There is a solution for your problem. Let’s talk about this after two weeks. Till then I will be praying specially for you.”
Once the disciple left the place, the Master called the gardener as well as the cook of the Ashram and gave them some directions. The disciple who came with the problem of temptations must be given some responsibilities continually, without fail – it was the advice.

After two weeks the Master approached the disciple concerned and asked him, “What about the temptations now?” With much joy, the disciple answered, “Now there are no temptations as I am always engaged in some responsibilities. Since I am too tired of work, as soon as I go to bed, I sleep. Now there is no room for temptations.”


Laziness paves way for temptations. An easy-going way of living, forgetting the responsibilities and goals of life will surely open the door for the tempter. Sign of laziness is not merely an idle rest. Uncreative actions are also signs of laziness. For example, wasting hours uselessly in front of the television and computer as well as spending a lot of time on mobile phone are also indications of laziness.

Meditating over the responsibilities of life and cherishing real and constructive dreams about the future will make us more and more active. Healthy thoughts about death too will prompt us not to waste time. For, we do not know whether we have an opportunity tomorrow. When God is within us, we will have energy. Lack of the valuable presence of God will deteriorate our mind and make us lazy.

Creative thoughts, conversations and even imagination help us to resist temptations. But this is not possible without the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore let us invoke the help of the Holy Spirit to live each moment with diligence and zeal.


Lord, we know that the devil enters into our lives since we are lazy. Make us creative and fruitful sending upon us the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of renewed vigor. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit enkindle the coldness of our heart. May the Spirit of the Lord help us to use each moment fruitfully. Then, we know that laziness and temptations will not conquer us. Thus our life will become a life glorifying you. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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