Increasing Satanic Influence In The Society

Increasing Satanic Influence in the Society

For most people, the concept of Satanism is something limited to television shows and movies. The concept of worshiping Satan, which under Christian doctrine eternally condemns one to hell, is much too frightening and dangerous for the average person. However, there is an increasing interest in Satan and Satanism in modern society, beginning with a … Read more

How To Kill Satan

How To Kill Satan

We cannot kill Satan, we can only defend against devil. This is important to know. Because many times we are dissatisfied as we fall again and again in sin. We like our evil inclinations to be removed and lead a life free of sin. But this never happens in our life. After each confession we … Read more

Mouth Of The Beast

Mouth of the beast

Everyone is amazed at the way the modern communication skills have been developed all over the world. We are spell-bound at the speed at which the humans communicate one another. There is hardly anyone now without a mobile phone, hardly anyone without a piece of news paper in hand, hardly anyone without a T.V set … Read more

Can The Evil Spirits Read Our Thoughts?

Can Evil Spirits Read Our Thoughts

The evil spirits easily identify our body language and promptness. Can spirits, demons read our minds? Most say no. We wonder. Those who have encountered demons during deliverance and other situations have seen where those kinds of entities certainly seem to react to silent commands and prayers, or simple thought patterns in a way that … Read more