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August 2nd, 2012

Satan Lives In Our Sins

Satan Lives In Our Sins

Sin is the root cause of all evils in human life. Even those that aimed at our sanctification points to the fact that we are imperfect. Heaven does not have suffering, for those who are there are perfect. Earthly life cannot be free from pains, as we ourselves are sinful and we live among the sinners. The shortcut to be free from suffering, is to be free from sin.

Apart from sin, any pain is bearable for the soul of a human being. Sin is contrary to the nature of our soul. So, the sins we do, willingly or unwillingly, choke the soul. If the soul is free from stains, then no amount of worldly pain can disturb its peace. That’s what we see in the suffering of Jesus, Mary and the saints. Our nature is hesitant to pain and suffering because we cherish the love for an easy life. Saints invited more and more sufferings into their life, because each and every moment they knew they are imperfect. And their conviction was that it is suffering that purifies them.

Sin Attracts Satan

Sin attracts Satan as a magnet attracts iron. It is in our sinful habits and inclinations that Satan puts his hand to disturb us. Like fish in the water Satan lives in our sins. So the easy way to put him out is to put out our sins.

One man was on his journey to conversion. He was a drunkard and happened to attend a retreat. After the retreat he thought of quitting the shabby world of drinking and live a holy life. But once it happened that he again failed and had his day at the bar. Approaching his spiritual director, he said; ‘Father, I was not willing to go to the bar. But Satan tempted me.’ Father corrected him; my dear child, do not succumb to his temptations each time he calls. Yes, father, I am well aware of that. But when he calls, if we refuse his call, it may happen that he may not call us again!

Yes, this is somewhat our problem. We enjoy the pleasure of sinning and like that Satan makes us fail. How many times we would have been dead, if we had made our act of contrition sincerely. There we say, we are ready to die than to sin. We sin again, and not die when temptations occur.

The Two Traps of Satan

When we face problems in our life, Satan brings two traps. They are concerned with adjusting our sight. Too close to our eyes we can’t see properly. For example a speck in our eyes, however close, is not visible. So is the case with an object too far. Likewise, Satan will make us over conscious of the problems so as to give them seriousness as they do not deserve it. Sometimes he will set our problems too far, as not make us aware of the true seriousness of our problems. It is important to adjust our sight with regard to the problems we face to live a happy life. Every problem in our life is not from Satan, but those that bring evil fruits are from him. It is important to know the tree from its fruit.

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Each time we fall, Satan laughs. When we wake up through a confession, he may come again with more strength. I would like to say that some people fall again because of their over zeal. This is right. Suppose we had been sick for many days and recovered through medicine. Right away if we go to work heavily, wouldn’t we get sick again, sometimes worse than before. So the doctors suggest that the patients recovered from illness should not go for hard work. They suggest us to recover our health first. This is important in our spiritual life too.

Suppose we fall into sin, when we recover, give more importance to getting back our strength through prayer and frequenting sacraments. After that, focus on our ministries and work fields.

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– – – written by Jinto Mathew

June 23rd, 2012

Increasing Satanic Influence In The Society

Increasing Satanic Influence in the Society

For most people, the concept of Satanism is something limited to television shows and movies. The concept of worshiping Satan, which under Christian doctrine eternally condemns one to hell, is much too frightening and dangerous for the average person. However, there is an increasing interest in Satan and Satanism in modern society, beginning with a revival of Satanic interest in the 1960s and continuing into the modern era.

Tenets of the Satanist Philosophy

The primary reason for this is that the key tenet of Satanism is worship of the self and emphasis on self-gratification, self-indulgence and self-satisfaction. While the most visible example of this is the orgy of sex and gratification epitomized in the Black Mass, true Satanists indulge themselves primarily in more traditional ways of seeking pleasure and gratification. From masturbation and drug use to excessive food and drink, the goal of a sincere Satanist is to live as a hedonist, indulging in pleasures of the flesh while eschewing spiritual development.

A central tenet of the Satanist philosophy is that preparation for the afterlife is futile, and that no effort should be made to atone for bad deeds or to abstain from short-lived pleasures.

Conducting Black Masses

Many people think that Satanists are cannibals who indulge in human sacrifice and other such black acts, however, no current research backs up this fact. While Satanists conduct Black Masses, these are generally demonstrations of a rejection of traditional Christian values, including the desecration or destruction of Christian iconography and the deliberate violation of Christian moral codes.

Black Masses are generally conducted in the homes of Satanists and are a combination of neo-Pagan rituals, the desecration and mockery of traditional Christian ceremonies and self-indulgence. Because the ceremonies are private and small-scale, they can be conducted in apartments, modular homes or even impromptu setups in forests or other remote locations where the participants are unlikely to be observed.

Satanism influences Modern Culture

The primary ways in which Satanism influences modern culture are through the entertainment industry. The over-the-top indulgence culture of modern rock music and film meshes well with Satanism and many musicians and actors have dabbled with Satanism or become converts. This may be reflected in their work by the use of Satanic imagery or iconography, however it is most often reflected in a desire to push forth self-indulgence over restraint or good moral choice. Glorifying drug use, mindless sex or gluttony are the most common expressions of Satanism.

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An obsession with darkness, depression and death is also common, since Satanists believe that the current life is the only one worth living and that preparation for the afterlife is futile. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on the now, from the collection of vast quantities of wealth to a refusal to share said wealth, which is a central tenet of Christianity. Satanism is most easily spotted by the glorification of greed, and most easily avoided by eschewing entertainment and businesses which glorify greed, hedonism and temporary pleasures. Read PRAYER  Vs  SATAN.

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June 5th, 2012

How To Kill Satan

How To Kill Satan

We cannot kill Satan, we can only defend against devil. This is important to know.

Because many times we are dissatisfied as we fall again and again in sin. We like our evil inclinations to be removed and lead a life free of sin. But this never happens in our life. After each confession we make good decisions not to sin. For those who take spiritual life seriously, the fall into sin is painful. Spiritual fathers would say that there is no holiday for spiritual life. It is true; we are on defense and never claim to be victorious until we meet the Lord face to face in heaven.

Battlefield against Satan

No one can be satisfied and peaceful in a battlefield. Likewise we can never be ‘free’ in case of sin. Each and every moment the attack is to be faced and defended against. Once we know this truth, it would be easy for us. It will never make us despair over our repeated falls. Moreover we can take our spiritual life as a challenge and enjoy the virtuous life.

Another problem is that we take decisions but we are not able to keep them. We fear the attack of the devil and feel dissatisfied as we are not able keep up the spirits. The problem is that we are not able to keep the promises, not that we are wicked. Mortifications are very helpful in this regard. The do’s and don’ts in mortification make our decisions strong. If we are to keep that word, we would gradually avoid sin too. Because, through mortifications we have achieved an energy that makes us capable of keeping our decisions.

Sin makes us slaves. This is another fact. Virtue sets us free and we have to force ourselves to do good. Because Satan never likes men doing good. As he encourages men to sin again and again, there is an opium effect for sin. Once we sin, we become slaves of that sin. It is important to get forgiveness for our sins through confession, as well as escape from the slavery of sin. Otherwise we will be forced to sin again.

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To be holy is to defend against Satan. This includes both, not succumbing to his coercion as well win over him in doing good. As we are in a battlefield we have no time to rest. Each time our attention falls, Satan will make the way through.

We cannot kill Satan, but let us defend ourselves each moment.

– – – written by Jinto Mathew

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