How To Kill Satan

How To Kill Satan

We cannot kill Satan, we can only defend against devil. This is important to know.

Because many times we are dissatisfied as we fall again and again in sin. We like our evil inclinations to be removed and lead a life free of sin. But this never happens in our life. After each confession we make good decisions not to sin. For those who take spiritual life seriously, the fall into sin is painful. Spiritual fathers would say that there is no holiday for spiritual life. It is true; we are on defense and never claim to be victorious until we meet the Lord face to face in heaven.

Battlefield against Satan

No one can be satisfied and peaceful in a battlefield. Likewise we can never be ‘free’ in case of sin. Each and every moment the attack is to be faced and defended against. Once we know this truth, it would be easy for us. It will never make us despair over our repeated falls. Moreover we can take our spiritual life as a challenge and enjoy the virtuous life.

Another problem is that we take decisions but we are not able to keep them. We fear the attack of the devil and feel dissatisfied as we are not able keep up the spirits. The problem is that we are not able to keep the promises, not that we are wicked. Mortifications are very helpful in this regard. The do’s and don’ts in mortification make our decisions strong. If we are to keep that word, we would gradually avoid sin too. Because, through mortifications we have achieved an energy that makes us capable of keeping our decisions.

Sin makes us slaves. This is another fact. Virtue sets us free and we have to force ourselves to do good. Because Satan never likes men doing good. As he encourages men to sin again and again, there is an opium effect for sin. Once we sin, we become slaves of that sin. It is important to get forgiveness for our sins through confession, as well as escape from the slavery of sin. Otherwise we will be forced to sin again.

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To be holy is to defend against Satan. This includes both, not succumbing to his coercion as well win over him in doing good. As we are in a battlefield we have no time to rest. Each time our attention falls, Satan will make the way through.

We cannot kill Satan, but let us defend ourselves each moment.

– – – written by Jinto Mathew

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  1. It keeps saying “this is a fact” or “this is another fact”. No, my friend. This is opinion.

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