Escape From Hell – Movie Review

Escape From Hell

Escape from Hell

Released in 2000

Directed By: Danny R. Carrales

In case you have relatives, neighbors, classmates, partners or you know someone who is not saved, please recommend this evangelistic movie that will open their eyes and they will know what will happen after death.

It talks about Dr. Eric Robinson and Dr. Marissa Holloway. Eric is a doctor who is always angry with his father who left him, but he is a christian now. However he does not want to forgive him. So Eric stays with his Mother, She is a God´s women. And Erick works with Marissa at the hospital. She analyzes the specific time when someone is between life and death and takes videos about it. And then she shows it to Erick.

Every case was different, a christian women said I saw the heaven, and the others who were grave sinners saw the hell. But Erick is a skeptical men. He does not believe that heaven and hell do exist.

When his father passed away, he decided to know by himself what is that experience, and he prepared for death in a few days. In that time, He saw the heaven and the hell. His experience in the hell was bad, he saw some apparently good people on Earth there, whom he never imagined to see in hell.

He saw a precious place yes that was the heaven. But an angelical voice told him that he is not ready to come there. And gave him a new chance to live truly in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we do not worry about our future, and we do not prepare our soul for death. This is time to think what i am doing with my life right now. You decide, do you want to pass the eternity in heaven or hell?

Escape from Hell – Movie Trailer

Highly recommended for those who still don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. Watch it.

– – – movie review by Flor Idalia

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  1. Have seen this movie once how can I get another copy so I can see I gave mine away to a couple who really got their lives with jesus please help me get a copy…

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