End of the Spear – Movie Review

End of the Spear

End of the Spear

Release Date: January 20, 2006

This is a christian movie inspired by a true story. Starring Loute Leonardo, Chad Allen, Chase Ellison, Christina Souza and Jack Guzman. Directed by Jim Hanon.

It all started in 1956 when a group of missionaries decided to travel to the Jungles of Amazon, with the unique goal of preaching the gospel to the tribe Waodani. It was a hard task because they did not have the same language, ideas, manners, thoughts, that could limit the purpose but they overcame it somehow.

This group always listened to God´s voice. And they endured all kinds of violence by the tribe Waodani. The christian group stayed on course with faith even though five missionaries were murdered. The families of the murdered missionaries decided to travel to that place and stay there to complete the original purpose.

A miracle happened in the tribe and slowly the tribe Waodani realized little by little the real goal of this missionary group. They were touched finally by God´s power. People like Mincaye, one of the murderers Auca, became a Christian after relatives of the martyred missionaries came to live in their tribe.

The most amazing thing of this story is that it does not end here. They are fighting together right now for the development and welfare of these people in real life.

End of the Spear – Movie Trailer

A wonderful movie, that makes you cry, think and urges you to take part in The Mission.

– – – movie review by Flor Idalia

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  1. Wow the trailer and the review looks good.. Added to my ‘to watch’-list.. Thanks for sharing… Please do share more such Christian entertainment..

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